Apple News Adds Robust, Interactive Section for 2018 Winter Olympics

Apple-News-Winter-Olympics-2018 Credit: Apple News
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With the 2018 Winter Olympic games set to commence tomorrow morning in snowy Pyeongchang, South Korea, nearly all eyes and media attention will (for the next two weeks) be directed toward action-packed snow sports.

Even Apple has opted in on the fanfare, joining forces via an exclusive partnership with NBC Olympics to offer Apple News readers a limited-edition sub-section that’s specifically devoted to play-by-play coverage of the Winter Games.

Not only will Apple News readers be treated to front and center, up-to-the-minute coverage of each event, but a wealth of additional content, videos, an interactive medal tracker, and much more, too.

Apple News Olympic Coverage Features

  • Readers will enjoy original content created by Apple News editors, custom graphics and stunning HD videos curated from live events.
  • In addition to videos accessible via the Apple News interface, readers will have access to a range of written content, curated by Apple News providers including the Associated Press, Reuters, NBC and more.
  • The Apple News widget can be calibrated to display key standings and statistics without having to open the Apple News app, itself, allowing them to stay informed.
  • There’s also a real-time, interactive medal tracker onboard, allowing readers to easily discern who won based on a country and/or event basis.
  • As pursuant with their partnership, Apple News has also linked up with NBC’s Sports app, allowing those who download it the opportunity to view events live when they happen.
  • You’ll also be able to schedule reminders via Apple Calendar for when it’s time to tune in.

Last but not least, since day-time in South Korea is, generally speaking, night-time, for the rest of us, Apple News Olympic coverage includes a sure-to-be-useful ‘daily briefing’ feature, which will presents every morning as an overview of all the action we missed out on during the night.

When Will Coverage Begin?

While the official Opening Ceremony is scheduled to commence tomorrow morning, February 9th at 6:00 am Eastern/3:00 am Pacific, the Apple News app has already been updated and can be accessed right now by simply joining in via the banner at top of the Apple News app.


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