Apple Debuts Six New (RED) Apple Watch Faces for World AIDS Day

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This year, Apple is recognizing World AIDS Day by turning the Apple logo red in many of its flagship stores and announcing new initiatives to help raise awareness for the Global Fund to support the fight against both AIDS and COVID-19.

In addition to donating 50% of profits in 2022 to the COVID-19 response, Apple is introducing a selection of six new Apple Watch faces designed to complement the Apple Watch PRODUCT(RED) and related bands. However, they can still be used on any Apple Watch model or finish.

Apple’s support for the (RED) organization goes back 15 years when the company kicked things off with a special (PRODUCT)RED edition of the second-generation iPod nano. At that time, $10 from the sale of each special edition iPod nano went to the (RED) Global Fund, which poured more money into the fund’s coffers in that first year than any other partner.

Apple’s (PRODUCT)RED strategy continues through several more generations of iPod nano, and by 2012 it had expanded to the iPod shuffle and iPod touch. Around that time, Apple also began offering (PRODUCT)RED iPhone cases, and in 2017 it debuted the first (PRODUCT)RED iPhone with special edition iPhone 7 models released in the spring.

This was repeated the following spring with the iPhone 8 series, but by the time Apple released the iPhone XR six months later, the (PRODUCT)RED model had simply become a standard colour, released alongside the rest of the vibrant lineup. This has continued into the iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13.

Last year the Apple Watch joined the (PRODUCT)RED family for the first time, with a special edition Apple Watch Series 6, followed by this year’s Series 7. So, naturally, it’s time for Apple to dress those models up with some new Apple Watch faces, too.

The new (RED) Watch faces can be downloaded from in the same way as any other Watch face, and you’ll also be able to share them with other Apple Watch users via the Face Sharing feature introduced last year in watchOS 7.

Apple notes that the new watch faces are intended to pair particularly well with the Apple Watch Series 7 (PRODUCT)RED aluminum case, as well as Apple’s (PRODUCT)RED Braided Solo Loop, Sport Band, and Sport Loop. You’ll need an Apple Watch Series 4 with watchOS 7.4 or later to take advantage of the full collection of special edition watch faces. However, Apple notes that the Color and Numerals Mono faces are compatible with the Apple Watch Series 3.

In addition, from now until December 6, Apple is donating $1 to the Global Fund for every retail purchase made from Apple via Apple Pay, whether that’s on Apple’s online store, through the Apple Store app, or at an Apple Store.

About (RED) and the Global Fund

(RED) is a global charity co-founded in 2006 by U2’s Bono and activist Bobby Shriver to kickstart a regular and sustainable flow of money into the Global Fund to fight to put an end to AIDS.

The Global Fund itself is a separate organization from (RED), run by governments and other civil and private sector organizations. The purpose of the Global Fund is to support programs in communities most impacted by AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria to help put an end to these epidemics.

The Global Fund pours out approximately $4 billion per year to these ends and is recognized as one of the most effective organizations in fighting these diseases, responsible for 20% of all HIV/AIDS funding worldwide.

Since its inception 15 years ago, (RED) has generated nearly $700 million for the Global Fund, with 100% of that money going directly to the actual on-the-ground efforts of the Global Fund. It has accomplished this through partnerships with several major brands, including not only Apple but also other popular companies like Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Nike.

The lion’s share of this $700 million has come from Apple, however, which has contributed $270 million of that to date, mostly from the sales of special edition (PRODUCT)RED products.

While (RED)’s mission has been mostly focused on fighting HIV/AIDS, last year, it expanded its focus to include the work in fighting COVID-19 in developing countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Rwanda, and South Africa. This includes support both to care for those suffering from COVID-19 and provide resources to help protect against the disease.

Apple’s Contributions

To this end, Apple pledged to donate 100% of its (PRODUCT)RED profits in 2021 to COVID-19 pandemic relief, and throughout 2022 it will continue donating half of the eligible proceeds from (PRODUCT)RED sales to the Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response to help alleviate the impact of COVID-19 on the fight to end AIDS.

The company is also continuing its other efforts to raise awareness of these ongoing health crises.

  1. Hundreds of Apple Store locations will be marked with red logos and window displays throughout the week.
  2. The App Store is highlighting Positive Singles, an inclusive dating app that connects those living with HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections while also providing tips and resources for those who have been recently diagnosed.
  3. Apple Books will feature collections of books and audiobooks about the global fight against HIV/AIDS, including both nonfiction and fiction titles.
  4. Apple Podcasts will be featuring shows that examine the state of the global AIDS crisis, including the negative impacts of racism on preventing access to quality care and the medical research that continues to be poured into both a prevention and a cure for HIV/AIDS.
  5. Apple Music subscribers can listen to a curated selection of music programming, radio episodes, and more in a special Apple Music feature.
  6. The Apple TV app will also highlight a collection of TV shows and movies on the Watch Now tab that reveals the human side of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

In addition to the $270 million that Apple has contributed to the Global Fund, the company notes that Apple-supposed grants have also enabled care and supporter over 11 million people, provided more than 192 million HIV tests, and opened up access to lifesaving antiretroviral for over 13.8 million people.

Apple also adds that in 2020 alone, the company’s support for (RED) has helped prevent over 145,000 HIV-positive mothers from passing the virus on to their newborns.

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