Amazon Prime Video Has Record Breaking First Week on Apple TV

Amazon Prime Video Has Record Breaking First Week on Apple TV
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Less than a month after being released to the public, it’s been revealed that Amazon’s highly anticipated Prime Video app for Apple TV enjoyed a spectacular launch on the tvOS App Store, garnering the “highest number of first-week downloads” in the store’s three year history, according to a report.

“Prime Video has been a hit with Apple TV customers around the world — it had the most first-week downloads of any app in the history of tvOS,” an Amazon spokesperson reportedly told BestAppleTV and iPhone in Canada on Monday.

While the actual number of Prime Video downloads was not disclosed, the tvOS App Store is currently home to thousands of applications for the fourth-generation Apple TV and newer. And while we’re unable to determine the previous record-holding tvOS app for comparison, the store itself has been open for over three years now — relative to the release of Amazon Prime TV earlier this month.

Also worth pointing out is that while tvOS apps are exclusive to Apple’s fourth-generation TV or newer, the company worked with Amazon to make Prime Video available as an automatic download for third-generation Apple TV devices, as well — despite the units’ inherent lack of tvOS support.

The Prime Video app itself works on compatible Apple TV devices much like it does on iPhone and iPad, allowing Amazon Prime subscribers to sign in and access the e-commerce giant’s vast library of over 45,000 movies, TV shows, and exclusive content for their viewing pleasure.

Given its popularity on devices like iPhone and iPad, it’s reasonable to assume that most tvOS users were merely waiting for the opportunity to download Prime TV — if and when Apple and Amazon ever sorted through their drama.. The good news is that the Silicon Valley heavyweights appear to be on amiable terms now, which certainly might explain the explosive adoption of Prime Video on Apple TV.

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