Amazon Prime Video Finally Makes Its Debut on Apple TV

Amazon Prime Video Finally Makes Its Debut on Apple TV Credit: iMore
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As promised, Apple on Wednesday began rolling out the highly anticipated Amazon Prime Video app for Apple TV, which according to the official Prime Video for iOS release notes can be downloaded this morning as a standalone application for Apple’s third-generation TV or newer.

While it’s been available for some time on iOS, Apple’s move to finally begin rolling out Amazon Prime Video for tvOS ultimately makes good on its multiple previous promises — spanning as far as as the earlier this year — that the app would be “coming soon” to select Apple TV models.

In addition to its Prime Video app now on the tvOS App Store, today’s update includes iOS support for Prime Video using iPhone X’s native display resolution.

Not only will the new Amazon Prime Video app allow Apple TV users to access the e-commerce giant’s ever-expanding library of over 45,000 movies and TV shows, but its debut also marks a new chapter in Apple and Amazon’s historically rocky relationship.

Back in 2015, Amazon removed all traces of Apple TV from its virtual shelves amid a contentious dispute with the company over how to split revenue from Amazon’s Prime Video app for iOS. As a result, if you were to try and download a title from the Prime Video app on iOS today, instead of being given the standard App Store checkout prompt, you’d be directed to Amazon’s website to complete the purchase.

Of course, while the news of Prime Video coming to Apple TV is certain to bode well with content lovers and Prime members, alike, whether or not today’s move signifies a new chapter in the companies’ relationship remains to be seen.

How to Download Prime Video on Apple TV

As we mentioned, the Amazon Prime Video app is now available for third generation Apple TV boxes or newer. If it’s not available when searching for Amazon Prime Video in the tvOS App Store, find it by following the steps below

  1. Head to the tvOS App Store.
  2. Type ‘Amazon’ in the search field and click search.
  3. Select ‘Amazon Shopping’.
  4. Scroll down until you see the Prime Video app in the ‘More By This Developer’ section. Click download.
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