157 New Emoji Are Coming to iOS 12 Later This Year

New-Emoji-Emijipedia-iPhone-X Credit: Emojipedia / Jeremy Burge
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The Unicode Consortium has announced that it has finalized a new set of emoji for its Unicode 11.0 standard, which will become available for companies like Apple later this year.

There are 157 emoji options in the new Emoji 11.0 set. That includes 77 new characters with a range of skin tones and modifiers. Apple, among other companies, uses the Unicode Emoji standard for its various operating systems, like iOS and macOS.

Popular site Emojipedia has released a set of examples in Apple’s signature Emoji style. The new emoji include a hot and cold face character, a woozy face, and an emoji with a party hat and horn.

Image via Emojipedia

In addition, there are several new options to the standard man and woman faces, including a variety of red hair styles, curly-haired options, white hair for younger emoji, and no-hair or bald options. There’s also a host of male and female superhero and supervillain characters.

As far as activities, there’s now emoji for activities such as softball, knitting, chess, Frisbee, lacrosse and skateboarding.

Image via Emojipedia

New food emoji include a bagel, lettuce, mango, and cupcake, and the stable of animal emoji will see the introduction of llama, raccoon, kangaroo, hippopotamus, swan, mosquito and lobster characters.

There’s a range of new objects and symbols, too. They include a fire extinguisher, a test tube, a toilet paper roll, a sponge and an infinity symbol.

For aspiring buccaneers, there’s also a pirate flag emoji in Unicode 11.0.

Though directionally reversible emoji were hinted late last year, it seems that they won’t be included in this year’s Unicode update. Reportedly, reversible emoji are being considered for Unicode 12.0 (which will end up in iOS 13).

The Emoji 11.0 set is part of the updated Unicode 11.0 standard, which is due for release this June. New Emoji eventually make it to mobile devices and other platforms later, typically in August or September.

In other words, the 157 new emoji characters should arrive in iOS 12 for iPads and iPhones, as well as Apple’s other 2018 operating system updates for macOS and watchOS.


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