This Is What Face ID Will Look Like on iPhone X

This Is What Face ID Will Look Like on iPhone X
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At this point, we know with a reasonable amount of certainty that Apple’s premium OLED iPhone will sport a new and advanced Face ID authentication system. Now, thanks to the huge iOS 11 golden master (GM) leak on Saturday, we know a bit more about Face ID’s setup process.

Brazil-based iOS developer Guilherme Rambo shared a handful of photos and videos via Twitter over the weekend that detail Face ID’s initial processes. Notably, Rambo has been the source of quite a few other discoveries hidden within Apple’s code this summer, including information about the iPhone X and HomePod. Judging by his tweets, Rambo apparently uncovered the user interface and setup processes within the iOS 11 GM.

Face ID & Passcode Menu

First off, Rambo shared an image that appears to depict the preferences menu for Face ID & Passcode within the Settings app. As you’d expect, there are various options for allowing Face ID to unlock an iPhone, authenticate iTunes and App Store purchases, and enable Safari AutoFill. Near the bottom of this menu are the usual passcode options.

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