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This Is What Face ID Will Look Like on iPhone X

This Is What Face ID Will Look Like on iPhone X
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At this point, we know with a reasonable amount of certainty that Apple’s premium OLED iPhone will sport a new and advanced Face ID authentication system. Now, thanks to the huge iOS 11 golden master (GM) leak on Saturday, we know a bit more about Face ID’s setup process.

Brazil-based iOS developer Guilherme Rambo shared a handful of photos and videos via Twitter over the weekend that detail Face ID’s initial processes. Notably, Rambo has been the source of quite a few other discoveries hidden within Apple’s code this summer, including information about the iPhone X and HomePod. Judging by his tweets, Rambo apparently uncovered the user interface and setup processes within the iOS 11 GM.

Face ID & Passcode Menu

First off, Rambo shared an image that appears to depict the preferences menu for Face ID & Passcode within the Settings app. As you’d expect, there are various options for allowing Face ID to unlock an iPhone, authenticate iTunes and App Store purchases, and enable Safari AutoFill. Near the bottom of this menu are the usual passcode options.

Enrolling a New Face

Where things get interesting is the new “Enroll Face” option. When a user adds a face for the first time, they’ll be instructed to gently move their head around so that the platform can “recognize all the features of your face.” A circle then pops up indicating the setup’s completion status.

Authenticating with Face ID

In a separate tweet, Rambo shared a video of what appears to be the actual authentication process. A new Face ID indicator icon — which bears some passing resemblance to the Finder icon on macOS — fills the screen. As the phone recognizes a face, an animation plays as the icon changes from a square design to a circular one — signaling that the authentication process was successful.

Of course, the video is eight seconds long. Rambo added that the “timing” isn’t correct on the authentication, since the leak only revealed the user interface and not the software that would power the actual authentication process. Indeed, previous rumors surrounding Face ID suggest that the platform would be able to work in “millionths of a second.”

UI Issues and Fall Announcement

Notably, the menu and setup processes aren’t in their final forms. Rambo points out that some of the text is still in the placeholder stage, and that there are some layout issues with the Face ID enrollment process. But still, the developer’s tweets offer us a first glimpse at what Face ID will look like on the user-facing side.

We still don’t know everything about Face ID, but all will be revealed at Apple’s 2017 Fall Keynote — slated for tomorrow, Sept. 12. Face ID will likely be unveiled alongside the device it’ll be used on: Apple’s premium OLED flagship (known across the internet by varying names, including iPhone 8, iPhone Edition or iPhone X).

iDrop News will be providing live and in-depth coverage of Apple’s announcement event, so check back here for the latest news and updates.

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