What iPhone 15 Pro Color Should You Buy?

iPhone 15 Pro Colors
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This month, Apple revealed its highly-anticipated iPhone 15 Pro lineup during its September Wonderlust event. Apple’s new flagship iPhones are packed with a lot of new and cool features and improvements you’re going to love.

However, if you’re planning on getting the new iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max, you may be wondering which color is the best for you. 

After all, unless you wear a case, the new color is what everyone will see when you use your iPhone in public. 

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Choosing the right color for your iPhone 15 Pro might be tricky, but you can never really go wrong with any of the options available. Still, if you don’t know which one to choose, here’s the lineup.

These are the iPhone 15 Pro Colors This Year

Wonderlust iPhone 15 Pro 4

When it comes to colors, the iPhone Pro models have always tended to be a bit more “serious” or “boring” compared to the base iPhone models.

While this is understandable, given that these iPhone Pro models are meant for “professionals,” having a wider variety of options like in the regular iPhone 15 would be a nice touch. 

With that said, this year’s iPhone Pro colors are amazing, and all of them will make your iPhone 15 Pro look and feel like the premium device it is.

Natural Titanium

iPhone 15 Pro Natural Titanium

This year, Apple took a leap forward and made the first-ever titanium iPhone. The iPhone 15 Pro models are the only ones that feature Grade 5 titanium in their bodies. 

And this natural body color is the closest you get to the real thing. If you want to let your tech friends and the world know that you’re carrying a brand-new titanium iPhone, this is probably your best choice. 

Also, if you’re someone who likes the gold color on a device, this will be the closest you’ll get this year.

Blue Titanium

iPhone 15 Pro Blue Titanium

Another option you have is Blue Titanium, which looks sleek and elegant and is a personal favorite.

If you’ve loved Apple’s deep blue iPhones in the past, this is the color for you. However, this also means that this iPhone looks like the older Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro. If you already have one of these models, the color may not make you feel like you have a new iPhone.

Still, if dark colors are your favorite, this is one of the two options you get this year.

White Titanium

iPhone 15 Pro White Titanium

White Titanium is the color that stands out the most among this year’s options. This is the brightest color you’ll get, and it definitely makes the iPhone 15 Pro feel and look different from the other ones that are available.

This is also probably one of the colors that people are more used to by now. Not only is it common for Apple to use white on many products, but it also kind of works as the silver Apple uses on other products.

That’s not necessarily bad, though. The white color still looks sleek, and it makes it easy to combine your iPhone with other accessories. 

Black Titanium

iPhone 15 Pro Black Titanium

Just like white, black is also a staple on many Apple products. If you’re someone who doesn’t like White Titanium and doesn’t really want to stand out with the other colors, Black Titanium is a solid choice.

This color makes your iPhone blend in with everything else you carry while still looking elegant in your pocket. It’s probably the safest choice if you’re a professional who wants to look the part at work.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Any iPhone 15 Pro Color

The color options for this year’s iPhone Pro models are fantastic. Every color looks and feels premium, and the new titanium theme is a constant reminder of the strong material Apple used to make the new iPhones this year.

The best part is that every color looks amazing. It doesn’t matter if you like blue, black, white, or Natural Titanium — they’ll all make your iPhone 15 Pro stand out from the crowd.

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