9 Compelling Reasons to Run Windows on Your Mac

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It seems like the ongoing debate to determine which operating system is better will never be settled. While some people love Windows, others won’t use anything other than macOS.

But what if we told you that you don’t need to be part of that debate? You can get the best of both worlds just by using your Mac. That’s right, just like you use macOS on your Mac, you can also install Windows 11 on your Mac in a flash. 

Sure, not everyone likes the idea of having Windows on a Mac, but the truth is that it’s really useful to have, and you’ll be able to access the best of both worlds. You don’t believe us? Here are nine reasons why installing Windows 11 on Mac is a fantastic idea.

Use Exclusive Applications

Microsoft Store Windows 11

You might not know this, but for some developers, it’s both easier and cheaper to develop apps exclusively for Windows. 

Because of this, there are several amazing programs and games that you may not even have heard of if you live only on a Mac. 

Fortunately, you can get the best of the Windows operating system simply by installing it on your Mac. That way, you can get exclusive Windows apps, like Netflix, right on your Mac.

Run Legacy Windows Applications

If you used to have a Windows computer, you know how good some older apps and games were. Well, with the help of your Mac, you can relieve those days by installing Windows and playing those legacy games.

There are many ways to run older games on Windows 11, which means you’ll be able to run them on your Mac computer. Not only that, but since those games are not that demanding, you won’t have any issues with performance on your Mac. 

Combine Your Mac’s Hardware With Windows Software

Thanks to its versatility, and all the apps it has available, the Windows operating system is one of the best if you want to be more productive. 

While Windows shines with its software, the Mac still stands out because of its hardware. Thanks to accessories like a trackpad, mouse, or keyboard, you can now combine the best that both Microsoft and Apple have to offer. 

Not only that but because of your Mac’s Apple Silicon chip, you can run both operating systems together without any hiccups.

Make the Most Of Windows-Specific Features

Just like Mac, Windows 11 comes with a ton of different features you can now use on your Mac. 

You can make the most of features like support for running Android apps, tighter integration with Teams and OneDrive, and Windows Remote, which will help you connect to other Windows computers, see their files and folders, and even control them remotely. 

Take Full Advantage of Microsoft Office

While you can download and use Microsoft Office on your Mac directly, all these apps simply work better on the Windows operating system.

With Windows 11, you can get access to all the Microsoft Office apps natively, which is perfect if you’re used to using a Windows computer for work or school. 

Not only that, but most Office apps are slightly different on Mac than on Windows. Whether we’re talking about specific functions or keyboard shortcuts, it just doesn’t work the same way, which can ruin your productivity. By using Windows 11 on your Mac, you’ll remove these caveats and will be able to work smoothly.

Choose the Operating System You Want to Use

The best part about having two operating systems on your Mac is how versatile your workflow will be. If you want, you can boot up Mac and start working on photo or video editing, or you can boot up Windows and start working on your projects or school work. 

You’ll basically have two computers in one, and since your Mac can most likely handle the workload, you might even be able to open Windows 11 while you’re running macOS.

Finally, You Can Game on a Mac

Granted, gaming on Mac on gaming has never been as viable or popular as gaming on a Windows computer. This is because of many reasons, including the fact that some developers just don’t port their games onto Mac.

Now, however, you’ll be able to actually play games on your Mac, albeit it won’t be with macOS. You can start games on Windows and play as smoothly as with any other Windows laptop.

Sure, gaming on an actual Windows PC might still be the better choice, but now you don’t have to buy a completely different computer to get started.

Enjoy the Best OS for Every App

Both Windows and macOS have their own strengths and weaknesses. One of those weaknesses is that Windows computers run some programs betters, while Mac computers are better at other programs.

Fortunately, you really don’t need to choose which operating system to use; you can simply choose both and use the best OS for every app.

For instance, you can use Windows to write or edit your work and even play games. On the other hand, you can use macOS to edit your pictures, videos or work on some apps for iPhone. 

With practice, you’ll learn which apps work best with which OS, and you can switch between them in a flash. 

Develop Apps for Any Operating System

It’s no secret that developing apps for Apple products is only possible with a Mac. On the other hand, developing apps for Windows or Android is better on a Windows computer because most development tools are created for Windows. Not to mention you’ll find more tutorials for Windows computers.

If you’re a developer or want to become one, having both Windows and macOS on your Mac will help you become a versatile professional, and you’ll be able to have more experience and skills than people only using one operating system or the other. 

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

There’s no doubt that both Windows and macOS have a lot going for them. Still, you don’t need to choose between one or the other; you can get the best of both operating systems without buying another computer.

Most Mac computers are capable of running both operating systems without breaking a sweat, so make the most out of your Mac and start running both OSes ASAP.

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