How Much Is Your iPhone Worth in a Trade-In?

iPhone 14 upright in open box leaning against MacBook on table Credit: Thai Nguyen / Unsplash
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Are you thinking of getting a new iPhone? You’re certainly not alone. Just like every year, Apple has unveiled its new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro lineups, and as usual, they’re exciting enough that you’re probably at least considering getting one even if you updated just last year.

While that can be expensive, Apple offers a really solid solution: trade in your old iPhone and get some store money to buy a new one.

Of course, this method isn’t perfect. So be aware that you might not get the price you’re thinking for your older iPhone, even if it’s in great condition. 

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But how much can you get? Here’s the full list. 

How Much Is Your iPhone Worth Using Apple Trade In?

With Apple’s trade-in, you can give Apple your older iPhone, and they’ll give you some money for it so you can get your brand-new iPhone. 

The value of your iPhone will depend on different factors, including the state of the device and the model.

Fortunately, Apple makes it really easy to know the trade-in value of your iPhone. All you need to do is go to the Apple Trade-In website and find your trade-in value. If you have one of these iPhones, this is how much you can get for them. 

ModelApple Trade-in Value
iPhone 14 Pro MaxUp to $650
iPhone 14 ProUp to $570
iPhone 14 PlusUp to $470
iPhone 14Up to $430
iPhone SE (2022)Up to $160
iPhone 13 Pro MaxUp to $580
iPhone 13 ProUp to $480
iPhone 13Up to $370
iPhone 13 miniUp to $320
iPhone 12 Pro MaxUp to $450
iPhone 12 ProUp to $360
iPhone 12Up to $250
iPhone 12 miniUp to $200
iPhone SE (2020)Up to $80
iPhone 11 Pro MaxUp to $300
iPhone 11 ProUp to $250
iPhone 11Up to $200
iPhone XS MaxUp to $170
iPhone XSUp to $140
iPhone XRUp to $140
iPhone XUp to $120
iPhone 8 PlusUp to $90
iPhone 8Up to $60
iPhone 7 PlusUp to $50
iPhone 7Up to $40

So there you have it; Apple offers up to $650 for its most valuable iPhone, aside from the iPhone 15 models, that is. 

The best part is that Apple doesn’t only take iPhones; you can also use your Apple Watch, iPad, and even other companies’ devices like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for Apple Trade In. Of course, just like the iPhone, don’t expect to get a lot of money for those.

As we mentioned, this isn’t necessarily the best deal. Even if you bought the iPhone 14 Pro Max last week and have only just taken it out of its box, you would still get only $650 if you’re lucky. 

Still, what you’re getting here is convenience. As Apple puts it, you can do the trade-in process online or at any Apple Store. You can get started with the process without leaving your couch. 

Sure, you can try selling your iPhone on eBay or a different online marketplace, and you’ll probably get more money than with Apple. But you’d have to go through all the trouble of selling it, finding the right buyer, and shipping it. 

Don’t get us wrong; if you’re willing to do the work, you’ll probably get a better value for your iPhone. But if you just want to get rid of your older iPhone and get a new one, Apple Trade-In is the way to go.

Trade-in Your iPhone in Minutes

Even though Apple Trade-In won’t give you the best bang for your buck, it’s definitely the easiest and quickest way to get rid of older devices and get some extra money to help you buy a shiny new iPhone 15.

If you have other devices besides an iPhone, you can go to the Apple Trade-In website and click Find your trade-in value to get a more accurate value. 

If your device doesn’t qualify for Apple Trade-In, you can still give it to Apple for free, and the company will recycle it for you. Sure, you won’t get any money, but you’ll help the environment.

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