Siri to Gain Advanced AI Features in iOS 11, Rumor Claims

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Even though iOS 10.3 was just released today, we’re already hearing rumors about iOS 11 — in particular, Siri might be getting a hefty upgrade, according to a new rumor.

Specifically, Apple is allegedly planning on upgrading its digital assistant with more advanced AI features, including learning from user behavior, and enhanced contextual awareness with iMessage integration, according to Israeli technology site The Verifier. Before you start placing any bets, however, it’s worth noting that The Verifier’s track record is still unproven, and the site itself is relatively obscure amidst the crowded Apple blogosphere.

Still, the site’s predictions may actually be on track with upcoming Siri enhancements. One of the new features that the Verifier claims is Siri’s addition to iMessage, allowing contextual data to be inserted seamlessly into messaging conversations. For example, messaging your friend about Italian food might prompt this enhanced Siri to offer restaurant suggestions, reservations, and even ride-share booking to a chosen locale. We’re not sure where The Verifier got its prediction from, but this feature certainly echoes technology described in a recent Apple patent application.

Additionally, the Israeli news site said that Siri would be getting enhanced iCloud integration that would be able to “identify the connections” between a user’s devices — and use this to offer relevant contextual actions. Apple is also gearing up to embed Siri deeper into non-iOS operating systems, such as tvOS and watchOS, the site as far as other iOS 11 predictions, The Verifier also reported that FaceTime will be able to support multi-user calls in the new operating system update.

Other reports have hinted at similar “advanced Siri” features being included in upcoming iPhone devices and iOS versions. For example, DigiTimes reported in January that Siri’s features would be given a boost thanks to technology acquired when Apple bought machine-learning startup Turi in August 2016. Although The Verifier’s specific claims may be — ironically — unverifiable, it’s safe to assume that Apple will be upgrading its digital assistant in the near future, especially if it wants to keep up with competing systems from the likes of Amazon, Google and Samsung.

Apple will reportedly unveil iOS 11 at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June, the Verifier claimed — although they added that advanced Siri features might be postponed until an even later version of iOS.
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[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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