This Week’s Apple News Video Roundup: February 13th 2017

  1. Samsung to Increase iPhone 8 OLED Display Production to 160 Million Units
  2. Verizon Finally Offers Unlimited Data, But Here’s the Fine Print
  3. New Liquid Battery Tech Could Power Your Home with Renewable Energy for 10 Years
  4. Apple Rep Meets with Chinese Authorities to Discuss Known iPhone 6s Battery Issue
  5. Researchers Discover a Year’s Worth of Deleted Safari History Stored on iCloud
  6. Police Hit Inauguration Protestors with Extensive Facebook Data Searches
  7. Apple Joins Wireless Power Consortium Further Hinting the iPhone 8 Will Feature Wireless Charging
  8. Matte Black iPhone 7 Owners Complain of Chipped Paint — But Is There a Solution?