How to Use Private Browsing Mode in Safari

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101 Greatest iOS 9 Tips and Tricks for iPhone and iPad

Did you know you can browse web pages on your iPhone without Safari documenting your activity in the browser’s search history? Well, it’s true, you can! So, for instance, say you don’t want your husband somehow finding out about that new blouse you plan to splurge on when you get to work today. Why, not a problem at all, my fellow online shopping enthusiasts, because now he doesn’t have to — thanks to iPhone’s “Private Browsing Mode” in Safari.

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Simply open Safari, and then select the Tab View icon in the lower right-hand corner shown above.


Then select “Private,” which will launch a new tab that won’t remember what website you visit. **Keep in mind, though: if you’re on a monitored Wi-Fi network — such as at work or school — the company or organization can still keep close tabs on what you’re looking at.**

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