Will the iPhone 14 Pro Have a Hole Punch or Pill-Shaped Camera Cutout?

iPhone 14 Pro Concept Render 2022 Credit: Konstantin Milenin / Twitter
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Right now, everyone is talking about what shape the new iPhone 14 Pro camera system will take.

Some are referencing a hole punch, while others are suggesting that we’ll see a pill-shaped cutout.

Some even suspect that it’ll have the same cutout that the iPhone 13 Pro has right now..

So, I asked my sources and received some notable images. I can’t share those with you, but I did find something similar on the internet that you might be interested in.

My Twitter colleague @NTFTWT posted some interesting images of the inner part of a screen that could very well be the iPhone 14 Pro’s display.

I don’t know where or how he got these images, but they’re similar to what my sources sent me. Right now, I’d say there’s about an 80% chance that the iPhone 14 Pro will be made with a pill-shaped cutout.

Of course, Apple can always change things, they always do – but this new Face ID is a pretty solid option according to testing they have done. The only thing that could make the Apple design team change this design will be if something goes wrong once mass production starts. It’s not easy to industrialize something. There’s a difference between producing 80 prototypes for product validation testing in a controlled environment under the supervision of engineers and mass-producing 100 million units in six to eight weeks. Sometimes the latter is not possible, even if the earlier tests showed no problems.

And to give you a clear and brief example of that, just look at what happened with the Apple Watch Series 7. There was nothing wrong with the design until it reached the mass production stage when they had to change everything and go with the old design.

If you look at the pictures my mate has Tweeted, you will see two holes. The one on the left could be the hole where the dot projector sits. It will not be visible from the outside because Apple has been working on a way to make the projector work behind a screen. The other, larger hole would be the place for the camera, light sensor, and so on.

I can not confirm the authenticity of these images, but given what my sources have told me and what I have seen in the images they have sent me, I am ~80% sure they are real.

And if they are not real, they still show us something very close to reality to what the iPhone 14 Pro will end up looking like (if there are no unexpected problems with its design or production).

Let me know what you think and whether you prefer a hole-punch camera system or a pill-shaped cutout in the comments. As always, I hope you are having an awesome day. Thank you so much for reading!

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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