Will Apple Actually Release a Pink iPhone 13 Later This Year?

Rose Pink iPhone 13 Concept Credit: Peng Store / Twitter
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The internet has gone crazy over the last few days because of a new pink iPhone that’s been circulating the web. But is this an actual leaked image of the upcoming iPhone 13, or is it just another internet prank?

Almost out of nowhere, Twitter user Peng Store first shared what they claimed to be the upcoming “Rose Pink” iPhone 13. The account also said this new iPhone would be coming in December 2021.

According to Peng Store, this isn’t the only pink shade Apple will release this year. In addition to “Rose Pink,” the iPhone will also come in “Rosegold Pink” and just “Pink.”

Is Apple Actually Releasing a Pink iPhone?

Unfortunately, other than Peng Store, no one else is talking about this possibility. As of right now, there aren’t any other leaks that show a pink iPhone lineup. Additionally, a December release date isn’t common for Apple, at least when it comes to the iPhone. And so, it’s probable that this image is only a fan-made render created by Peng Store.

That said, the internet seems to love the idea of a new pink iPhone 13, with many Twitter users saying they would immediately buy it if it were real.

Still, there may be a small possibility of a new pink-colored iPhone coming by the end of the year..

First, this wouldn’t be the first pink iPhone that Apple has released. Back in 2013, Apple launched the now-forgotten iPhone 5c in a pink hue, albeit its color wasn’t anything like in the picture above. It’s possible that the company might want to repeat this formula.

Likewise, Apple’s been adding colors to all its products. The most recent example is the 2021 iMac, which now comes in up to seven different colors. There have also been rumors about the second-generation AirPods Pro and a new Apple Pencil that will come in different colors.

That being said, it’s still too early to tell if this is a viable rumor or not. What does seem to be the case, is that the new iPhone 13 will feature a thicker body, a larger camera bump, and a smaller notch.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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