Q&A | Apple AR/VR Headset Release Date, Apple March 8 Product Event, AirPods Max 2, Plus More

iPhone 14 Pro Concept Render 2022 Credit: Vova LD / Twitter
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Hi everyone! Today I want to cover all the topics you’ve asked me about over the last few weeks, so be ready for a long, informative article. Let’s get to it.

When will Apple release the AR/VR headset?

This is a very interesting question. The last thing I have heard about this device is that everything seems to be working just fine after some heating issues, and Apple is done testing it.

Its production could technically start later this year, and I believe we could see it announced by October of 2022.

However, I would have a hard time believing it will hit the stores before February 2023. It will be a costly device, don’t expect to pay less than $2,000 for it.

One last thing about this, if for whatever reason you want to buy the AR/VR headset, make sure to purchase it the moment it is available to pre-order. I have heard Apple will manufacture very few units.

What about Apple’s March event?

This topic has been talked about for months now, but I’ll give you a quick summary of what to expect and when so you can have a definite answer. 

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The Apple Spring event will happen on the 8th of March, and it won’t be an in-person event. This format allows the company to present more compact events while avoiding mistakes like what happened to Craig Federighi in 2017 when he tried to depict how Face ID worked, and the demo device he used failed catastrophically.

During this event, I expect Apple to unveil the new iPhone SE, an iPad Air, a redesigned M1 Pro and M1 Max Mac mini, and maybe an M2 MacBook Pro.

I also think Apple could talk about iOS 15.4 and Face ID improvements. I believe Tim Cook will also address what is happening with the AirTags right now.

Will there be changes to Apple Music this year?

Yes, there will be changes to Apple Music this year. Let me tell you what I know about this. As far as I’m concerned, if you expect design changes, you will be disappointed because I haven’t heard a thing about that. However, I can tell you Apple is working on internal changes to give you better recommendations.

I have already told you about something internally known as Siri Picks. I don’t see how Apple will market this, but this is just an improved algorithm that will consider many other factors to recommend music to the user. It will also remind the user of songs we once listened to, but he recently stopped doing so.

I have also heard some internal iOS 15.4 builds refer to Apple Music as “Music+.” This new name makes sense, given that all other subscription-based Apple services have that + symbol in their name. Currently, I have no confirmation on whether Apple will adopt this new name or not. 

When will Apple unveil AirPods Max 2?

As I have already told you before, Apple isn’t focused on developing the AirPods Max 2 yet. Instead, Apple engineers are trying to solve existing software issues on the current ones. I wouldn’t expect Apple to release the AirPods Max 2 until 2023. I believe the company plans to develop these headphones in late 2022.

Should I upgrade from my iPhone 13 Pro to the new iPhone 14 Pro?

Usually, I wouldn’t give this kind of advice. Still, given that I’ve seen this specific question all over my Twitter direct messages, I figured I should explain what I think about this matter.

I don’t think upgrading your iPhone every single year is worth it in most cases. The iPhone 13 Pro is a great device, and it is the best phone on the market, and it will continue to be excellent for many years. From a mere practical point of view, there are little to no benefits to changing your iPhone every year. You’ll indeed get a barely better camera system and a redesigned chassis, but that isn’t worth the extra money you will have to spend to buy the new iPhone 14 Pro.

I am not saying you shouldn’t upgrade every year; I am just saying that unless you are a nerd like me or you want the best of the best, you’ll do just fine with your iPhone 13 Pro for many years.

If I had to advise on this to the average user, I would suggest upgrading your iPhone every three to four years. That is probably the best way never to fall behind while avoiding spending unnecessary money every year. If you are a technology nerd like me, go for it if you can, that’s what I do.

Will Apple ever stop selling the iPhone?

This is a very interesting question. A short answer would be yes, Apple will, but let me explain. The iPhone won’t disappear this year or the next one, but it will eventually.

As far as I am concerned, Apple plans to substitute the iPhone with the so-called Apple Glass. Will it work? Nobody knows, not even Apple. The company plans to test what consumers think about the glasses, how we use them, and if we see them as an alternative to our phones. This plan will take much time, and we’ll have to wait much time to know if Apple even considers this an option or not.

I hope you found this Q&A article helpful. Don’t hesitate to send me your questions on Twitter if yours isn’t answered here – and if you have already sent it, please send it again in case we missed it. Have a fantastic day.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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