Next-Generation iPhone Schematics Seem to Validate Previous Rumors

iPhone Edition

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A schematic depicting Apple’s next-generation iPhone has been circulating the web like wildfire this morning. Technically, the schematic isn’t a true visualization of the iPhone 8, which has also been rumored to be called iPhone Edition, but was instead created by Benjamin Geskin who constructs professional renderings of flagship handsets based entirely on the rumors surrounding them. The following schematic was drafted based on iPhone 8 / iPhone Edition drawings leaked by a Foxconn employee.

iPhone 8 / iPhone Edition schematic.
iPhone 8 / Edition drawing by Foxconn employee.

It’s worth noting that Geskin is no stranger to unearthing sensitive information about forthcoming flagships. For instance, not only did Geskin provide a swath of inside information about the ‘iPhone Edition’ exclusively to iDrop News last month, but he also was able to create a stunning render of Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy S8 over a week before the handset made its official debut.

So Geskin is certainly not without credibility when it comes to leaks, and rendering his personal interpretations of them based on information that he’s able to obtain from factory workers deep in the mire of Far East supply chains. So these source images, rendered by hand, are probably not too far off from the prototype he allegedly obtained from an Apple supply chain factory worker, which was also shared via the popular Chinese social networking site, Weibo.

Bottom line is, the sketch is only as reliable as the source he conferred with to create them. However, they appear to align just beautifully with a number of rumors that were suggested in his previously leaked insider info to iDrop News. For instance, the iPhone 8 / iPhone Edition will supposedly feature a radical new design, boasting elements such as a vertically repositioned dual-lens camera module on the back, which could provide better depth of field when the handset is used horizontally.

Moreover, Geskin previously indicated to iDrop News that the next generation iPhone would feature a dual-lens camera setup on the front of the device, too, which he claimed would be necessary for the sake of facilitating Apple’s advanced new 3D sensing camera technology. It’s also worth noting previous rumors stated Apple could employ a ‘glass sandwich’ design on the 10th anniversary iPhone, however the device set for mass production is reportedly outfitted with a solid metal back plate.

While the vast number of iPhone 8 / Edition rumors can be dizzying, in the coming months we will begin to see more reliable leaks giving us a much better idea of what the next generation iPhone will truly be capable of.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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