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Next-Gen Apple Watch Series 3 Expected to Feature Minimal Innovations Including Larger Battery, Faster Processor

Apple Watch Series 3 Concept
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It seems like just the other day Cupertino was taking the wraps off its freshest new wearable devices — the marginally revamped Apple Watch Series 1, next-generation Apple Watch Series 2, and that super-sleek new Apple Watch Nike+ edition for sports enthusiasts. And while those devices, respectively, have a good nine or ten months left in their product life cycles, it appears from a new report that the Silicon Valley tech-giant behind them is already in the process of finalizing plans to build and release its third-generation Apple Watch.

According to the report, which was published over the weekend in the Chinese-language Economic Daily News, Apple’s 3rd-generation wearable device will be revealed and, pending any extraneous complications, released, within the third quarter of 2017. The Apple Watch Series 3 will be manufactured exclusively by Quanta Computer, Apple’s long-time Watch manufacturing partner.

Perhaps most surprising of all, however, the report goes on to suggest that Apple’s ‘Watch Series 3’ refresh will bring “very little in the way of innovation to the table.” But rather, in fact, the changes and advancements reflected in the forthcoming device will be limited to those under the hood, which will manifest in the form of a larger, juicier battery, as well as an upgraded “S series” SoC to guarantee faster performance.

Contrary to what I’m sure many of us were expecting, and to what previous rumors had been suggesting, Apple’s forthcoming Watch refresh won’t bring any new features, sensors, or technologies to the table that weren’t already there, according to the report. This revelation may come as a shock, especially to those who were hoping for advancements along the lines of LTE functionality, or a FaceTime camera, or advanced sensors, to make their cameo on the next Apple Watch. However, as the report notes, the advancements will come primarily in the form of longer battery life, and advanced performance wrought by Apple’s next-generation, Watch-powering S-series silicon.

Quanta Computer, the current exclusive manufacturer of Apple’s full line of wearable devices, declined to comment on the report, citing that it “does not comment on market speculation” in response to a request for further comment from AppleInsider.

To be fair, there were few rumors pointing to any major changes coming with Apple’s Watch Series 2, which debuted earlier this year at the company’s September 7th special media event. Instead of debuting with features such as an LTE chip and FaceTime camera, the device ultimately came to market boasting modest upgrades, such as a brighter screen, faster processor, and advanced waterproofing up to 50 meters. So, that being said, maybe it would make sense if Apple’s 3rd generation wearable featured some of the goodies that didn’t make their way into the Apple Watch Series 2. Unfortunately, if this report is to be believed, that won’t be the case this year.

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