New Rumors Regarding Leaked ‘Jet White’ iPhone 7 Quickly Debunked

New Rumors Regarding Leaked 'Jet White' iPhone 7 Quickly Debunked
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There have been plenty of cases in the past that Apple sneakily hinted at or leaked upcoming products before they were officially announced. In July of 2015, for example, Apple released an iTunes update that included photos of a new lineup of iPod Touch and iPod Shuffle devices in colors that weren’t, at the time, available on the market. Many are speculating that Apple is up to a similar stunt with a recent Instagram post from the official Beats by Dre Instagram page that appears to show a “Jet White” iPhone 7.

Shortly after the release of the iPhone 7, rumors began circulating on the web that, due to the success of the high-gloss “Jet Black” finish of the iPhone 7, Apple would be looking to release a nonsensically coined “Jet White” color variation in the near future. The rumor existed on life support for months until Thursday evening, when the Beats by Dre Instagram post revived it. The photo, which contains the caption “New moves. New places. #StudioWireless”, focuses on a pair of black Beats Studio Wireless headphones, with the iPhone in question blurred in the foreground. The color of the iPhone was quickly picked out by Apple users hopeful for a leak indicating an impending release.

While it wouldn’t necessarily be out of the question for Apple to release a new iPhone color months after the official release – the company released a white iPhone 4 several months after the official iPhone 4 release. And although Apple has subtly leaked new products before they release in the past, there have been plenty of cases of mistaken identity by internet sleuths in the past, as well. Back in December of 2015, there was plenty of buzz on the internet surrounding the possible leak of a new 15-inch MacBook that was spotted during a 60 Minutes interview. As it turned out, the MacBook in question was a 12-inch MacBook that was pictured at an awkward angle.

Although the photo in the recent Instagram post is quite convincing, it unfortunately also appears to be a case of mistaken identity. According to Apple, the iPhone pictured in the post is not, in fact, a Jet White iPhone 7 – it is, according to an official confirmation by Apple, simply a Silver iPhone 7 that appears lighter than it is due to harsh lighting and a stock Instagram filter. While the rumor of a Jet White iPhone 7 still persists on the web, a new iPhone 7 release at this point is highly unlikely. If we do see a Jet White color variant, it will likely be with the iPhone 8 release later this year.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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