New iOS 13 Concept: Here’s What It Got Right (and Wrong)

Ios 13 What To Expect Credit: AppleiDesigner / ConceptsiPhone
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We’re still several months away from the announcement of iOS 13, which will likely be unveiled at WWDC ’19. But Apple fans are already getting creative with how they think the new software update will look.

AppleiDesigner recently published an iOS 13 concept “trailer” that manages to pack more than 40 new features and ideas into its 2-minute span. (See below.)

While the features in the video are just creative concepts, some of them are undoubtedly great ideas. Similarly, many of the ideas in the trailer have been backed up by past iOS 13 reports and rumors.

Here are all the features, broken down by how likely they are to be in the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

What It Got Right

Like basically every iOS concept art released over the last few years, the new trailer imagines a systemwide Dark Mode for iOS 13. But unlike past years, it seems like Dark Mode is actually on the table for the next software update.

Some of the app refreshes seem to be on point, too. Even the oldest rumors relating to iOS 13 suggest that Apple is mulling revamps of its core applications.

In the trailer itself, you can see a refreshed interface for both Apple Music and the Camera app. The latter concept app features additional camera settings, video pausing features, and more. The app split-view for larger iPhones also seems probable, since there’s a precedent in Apple’s native applications already.

Multiple user accounts for iPad is also something we’ve heard rumors about. At the very least, it’s a long-requested feature that frequently shows up on iOS 13 wish lists.

Object smart detection in the Camera app is also something Apple could very well add in iOS 13, since it’s been working hard to improve AI overall and a similar feature is already available on some Android devices.

Lastly, the trailer shows off a Siri suggestion ability in the Messages app. Essentially, it would be a feature that would let users “text” Siri their inquiries. That’s something that Apple has considered itself, per a patent application.

What It Got Wrong

It’s hard to say what the iOS 13 concept trailer “got wrong” because the software update isn’t out yet. But there are still some things to point out.

First and foremost, Apple is expected to refresh the app grid in the next version of its mobile operating system. We’re not sure what that could look like at this point, but the app grid in the trailer looks identical to past versions of iOS.

The trailer also contends that Apple could let users customize their Lock screen components, similar to how complications work on an Apple Watch.
That’s not too far-fetched, but Apple’s iOS design philosophy doesn’t really translate to much customization.

Finally, the “always-on” display wouldn’t exactly add much functionality to the iPhone, since waking an iPhone to view the clock is pretty simple as it is.

As far as iPad capabilities, the trailer suggests that iOS 13 could add support for a mouse. Based on how Apple views its iOS and macOS platforms as two wholly separate entities, we’re not sure that it would go that far to merge the platforms. At least, not this year.

Unsure Bets

Of course, there are several concept features teased in the trailer that may or may not hit iOS 13. Similarly, the trailer also missed several features that have been rumored.

For example, previous reports suggest that Apple will include improved file management. That may mean additional support for external media devices or file types in the Files app.

Apple is also rumored to be adding tab support for apps, as well as the ability to open two instances of an app side-by-side. Those are both features that didn’t make it into the trailer.

On the other end of the spectrum, while we haven’t heard anything about some of the other ideas shown off in the trailer, they are still great ideas nonetheless.

The less-intrusive designs for incoming calls, Siri, and the volume HUD are arguably long overdue. Other minor abilities, like a feature to close all apps at once, a lock mechanism for apps, and picture-in-picture for iPhones, seem simple enough to add.

Finally, a calculator app for the iPad seems like a no-brainer. There doesn’t appear to any valid reason Apple wouldn’t add one in the next version of iOS.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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