Apple’s Rumored to Be Testing Touchscreen Macs with Face ID

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A touchscreen Mac with Face ID may be in the works at Apple, according an anonymous source familiar with the company’s upcoming plans.

That tidbit was actually buried in a MySmartPrice report published on Monday that focused on Apple’s upcoming AirPods 2 and AirPower wireless charging mat. But, in addition to revealing details of those imminent products, that report’s source claims that new Macs with unexpected features are in the works.

Reportedly, Apple is testing Mac devices with Face ID and touchscreen displays, MySmartPrice’s sources said. Unfortunately, the site didn’t elaborate on any additional details.

On the other hand, MySmartPrice did add a disclaimer noting that users shouldn’t expect a touchscreen and Face ID-equipped Mac to arrive anytime soon.

The source made it clear that the devices are in an early prototype stage and are strictly for internal testing. Apple routinely tests various prototypes with features and designs that never actually make it to a finished consumer-facing product.

Similarly, as we’ve previously mentioned, MySmartPrice doesn’t have much of an established track record when it comes to rumors. So take this with a grain of salt.

The addition of Face ID is interesting and wouldn’t do much to the Mac lineup other than add a more secure authentication method. Modern MacBook devices already feature Touch ID as an alternative measure to standard password security.

Given the placement of the webcam on most MacBooks, it wouldn’t even require any radical form factor changes (although it in’t clear how Apple could fit a TrueDepth sensor into its ultra-thin display assembly).

On the other hand, the addition of touchscreen support on the Mac lineup may come as much more of a surprise to Apple notebook aficionados.

Apple has long resisted adding touchscreen to its Mac products, perhaps as a way to differentiate its computers from its iOS-based tablets. In fact, the company has made it explicitly clear on multiple occasions that it has no plans to merge iOS and macOS anytime soon.

But the fact that the Cupertino tech giant is internally testing Macs with touchscreen displays suggests that it’s at least considering that setup as an option in the future.

Again, users should expect Macs and iPads to remain two separate entities for the foreseeable future. But the report, along with rumors of ARM-based Macs and cross-platform app support, hint that this may not be the case forever.

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