New App Store Hint Says That Apple’s AR/VR Headset Will Feature ‘realityOS’

Apple View ARVR Headset Concept Render Credit: AppleLe257 x Antonio De Rosa / Twitter
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A new log that was uploaded to the App Store revealed some references to “realityOS,” the operating system that the rumored Apple AR/VR headset is said to have.

Many rumors have said that Apple’s working on a new virtual and augmented reality headset that might come out as soon as this year and will have its own operating system that will come with its very own App Store, too.

Since five years ago, we’ve heard that this new operating system would be called “realityOS” or “rOS.” And ever since, we’ve seen the name appear here and there in new software update releases.

Now, many developers have found the name again in some App Store upload logs that Apple has since gotten rid of.

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As developer Steve Troughton-Smith points out, this new finding could possibly confirm that the headset will indeed have its own operating system and that it’ll come with a realityOS simulator for developers.

Albeit this doesn’t necessarily confirm anything, since we’ve heard about “realityOS” for years now, it’s possible that Apple’s working towards a future announcement. Still, older projections expected Apple to announce a VR headset back in 2020, so you should take this with a grain of salt.

Previous rumors have pointed out that Apple might release this mixed reality headset by the end of 2022, albeit it’s possible that Apple might need to push the release date back to 2023 due to hardware problems.

According to several reports, Apple is said to use a high-end display for its new headset. It’ll also come with touch controls, and you’d be able to control the headset with hand gestures or speech. It’s also possible that this headset will be pretty expensive, with some reports saying it’ll cost around $3,000.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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