How Long Until Apple’s iPad mini 4 Finally Kicks the Bucket?

Ipad Mini 4 Credit: Engadget
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Apple announced its updated 9.7-inch iPad for 2018 today, and the device represents an incredible value for money within the iPad lineup at just $329.

What’s most interesting about this addition though, is that Apple’s bite-sized (and arguably outdated) iPad mini 4 has seemingly avoided the axe.

With an updated, affordable, kid-friendly, and ultra-capable new iPad in the lineup, it’s shocking to see that the iPad mini 4 has lived on for so long, especially as consumer tastes have shifted to much larger displays.

The iPad mini 4 launched in 2015 with an A8 processor and 16 or 64GB of storage available. It was refreshed in 2017, and is now available in only a 128GB version, which retails for a whopping $399. And while that may seem incredibly steep, the iPad mini 4 still packs some technology that rivals its latest sibling.

For example the iPad mini 4’s small, yet sharp display has a resolution of 326 ppi where as the newest iPad has a resolution of just 265 ppi. It features Touch ID and a whopping 128GB of storage space; and both devices feature the same rear camera and FaceTime camera resolutions (8MP / 1.2MP).

However, the mini 4’s A8 processor is aging quickly. Most importantly the mini 4 does not support Apple Pencil, making it the last iPad in the lineup that can’t take advantage of the smart stylus.

Based on the similarities between the two devices, and the surprising differences where the new iPad takes the lead, like the more affordable price point, advanced tech, and Apple Pencil support, it’s a safe bet that Apple’s 2018 9.7″ iPad will be the indirect successor to the iPad mini 4.

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Not to mention the fact that Apple “forgot” to include the iPad mini 4 in model comparison imagery found on its iPad product page, which only solidifies the idea that iPad mini 4 will kick the bucket very soon.

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