iPhone XI with Updated Mute Switch, Lightning Port and More Shown in New Case Renders

Iphone Xi Case Renders Credit: MobileFun
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Case maker Olixar has released new cases for the upcoming iPhone XI — and the renders for the new accessories show an iPhone with a triple-lens camera bump, a redesigned mute switch, and a Lightning port.

Renders like these aren’t always accurate, but case manufacturers have a major incentive to get the details right.

Because of that, they often base their cases on the latest available data and insider information from within Apple’s supply chain. With that in mind, here’s what the new case renders suggest.

Triple-Lens Camera, Physical Design Changes

As far as general physical appearance, the iPhone XI is expected to look pretty similar to its predecessor — with one exception.

The case renderings show off the new camera bump design, which looks somewhat clunky but allows for a triple-lens setup to sit in the upper corner of the device.

A triple-lens camera will give a big boost to the iPhone’s photographic capabilities. Past rumors have suggested that the setup could include a wide-angle lens, a telescopic zoom lens, and an ultra-wide-angle lens for a larger field of view. It could also allow for better low-light photography and a bump in overall image quality.

It’s worth noting that Apple is rumored to use an all-new back glass design that could make the otherwise larger camera bump less intrusive. Specifically, the entire rear panel is said to be made of a single sheet of glass — which may mean that the camera bump would sit a bit more flush with the rest of the rear chassis.

Many current concept images miss that small detail, however. It’s also fairly hard to show off in renders anyway.

Olixar’s renders also show off a redesigned mute switch that moves up and down instead of being a “flipper.” The switch also appears to be circular in design, rather than the rectangular mute switches most of us are familiar with.

Lightning or USB-C

While Apple may be slowly moving its entire mobile lineup to USB-C, Olixar’s renders suggest that the iPhone won’t make the jump this year.

The case renders appear to confirm that this year’s iPhone lineup will sport a Lightning cable. That’s pretty much in line with previous rumors hinting that Apple isn’t going to switch to USB-C quite yet (although such a move is likely down the road).

On the other hand, Apple could package its devices with a USB-C to Lightning cable and a new, more powerful adapter. That could allow for USB-C fast charging out-of-the-box. Currently, iPhones have fast charging capabilities but taking advantage of the feature requires additional purchases.

Smaller Notch?

One particular quirk with the Olixar case renderings is the fact that the notch on the device appears quite a bit smaller than in past OLED iPhones.

While we’ve heard rumors suggesting Apple is looking to reduce the size of the notch, most rumors agree that this year’s devices will look basically the same as last year’s.

In other words, a smaller notch may not be on the table for 2019. Take the renders with a grain of salt here.

Other iPhone XI Rumors

The 2019 iPhone lineup is also expected to add other features, such as two-way wireless charging, larger batteries, and indoor navigation capabilities. They’ll likely debut at an Apple keynote event some time in September.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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