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iPhone X Successor Rumored to Boast ‘10% More Powerful’ Battery

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Apple has been working closely with longtime battery supplier, LG Chem, who will reportedly supply the iPhone maker with L-shaped batteries for next-year’s iPhone devices. The companies are currently working on a new one-cell battery design, which is not only more advanced than the current two-cell batteries used in iPhone X — but, according to the reliable KGI Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, if Apple and LG can finalize the design in time, next year’s ‘iPhone X’ models could boast up to 10 percent more battery power.

In his latest research note, a copy of which was obtained Friday by MacRumors, Kuo noted that in comparison to the current two-cell battery design used in iPhone X, the new one-cell design would allow Apple to boost the capacity of its 5.8-inch device from 2716 mAh to between 2900 and 3000 mAh.

Interestingly, the massive 6.5-inch ‘iPhone X Plus’ (which Kuo previously pegged for next year) will retain the same two-cell battery design, the analyst said, while the larger phablet’s much roomier internal area will allow the company to increase its battery size to as much as 3400 mAh.

“Two new 2H18 iPhone models could adopt L-shaped battery (6.5” & 5.8” OLED models), with capacity upgraded for all models,” Kuo wrote, adding that “In order to extend battery life, we believe it is necessary to expand battery capacity because all three new 2H18 models will be equipped with TrueDepth Camera, which consumes more power.”

Meanwhile, with regards to its rumored 6.1-inch LCD-equipped iPhone model, Kuo says we can expect Apple to retain the same “rectangular battery design” which, most ostensibly, would allow it to keep costs under control. Still, Kuo added, LCD model’s capacity is likely to be higher than iPhone 8, in comparison.

iFixit’s recent teardown of iPhone X confirmed the high-end handset sports an unconventional two-cell battery design, which almost gives off the appearance that it’s been broken into two smaller fragments.

As you may recall, Apple had to make several compromises while producing the iPhone X, as it encountered a myriad of unexpected difficulties during the height of production. However, with Apple and LG Chem now “working overtime” to develop the one-cell battery, we can only hope it’ll be ready in time for the 2018 iPhone cycle.

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