Customers Might Wait ‘Weeks or Months’ for Their iPhone X

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We’ve seen a flood of reports about Apple’s upcoming iPhone X flagship this year. Between the leaks showing its one-of-a-kind design, the rumors about its next-generation features and abilities, and even the assessments about how much it’ll cost and when we can get our hands on one, we know just about everything there is to know about the iPhone X. Sadly, we also know that Apple has encountered issues manufacturing it, according to multiple accounts. And because of that, it was most recently speculated that it could take well into October or November to fulfill the earliest orders.

“But wait a minute,” you might say. “I thought you said the iPhone X will go up for pre-order as soon as Friday, September 15th? Indeed, there’s still a big, big chance the iPhone X will go up for pre-order on Friday the 15th. However the question that remains, then, is how quickly thereafter will Apple be able to fill those orders (which will almost certainly be in the tens of millions).

More Setbacks

In a report published Thursday by The Wall Street Journal, editors highlight the overall scope of Apple’s difficulty manufacturing the iPhone X thus far, while going on to allege that because of “the multitude of production issues” faced early on in the handset’s development, Apple’s flagship device will likely experience “extended supply shortfalls and shipping delays.” Taken as a whole, the setbacks could unfortunately add “about a month or more” on to Apple’s usual manufacturing timetable, the report claims.

The cause and severity of iPhone X manufacturing bottlenecks have been wide-ranging, according to KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo, and include factors such as a botched display lamination process early on in development, as well as software/hardware issues within high-tech components like the 3D/AR-based camera sensor. The Wall Street Journal report, meanwhile, specifically points to other issues with “OLED assembly” as a major reason why the iPhone X might be delayed so long.

At face value, the report appears to merely highlight the issues we already knew about; however it more so emphasizes the severity of them and what they might spell for those hoping to get cozy with iPhone X as soon as possible. In any case, it’s down to a matter of hours now until we find out what the iPhone X is all about, but in the worst case scenario, we encourage you to be prepared to wait a while for one.

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