iPhone 13 Missing Features | Are the Upgrades as Good as the Rumors?

iPhone 13 Rear Camera Credit: Quinn Battick / Unsplash
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It’s inevitable for rumors to spread before new Apple products are released. So, of course, there were speculations of what the iPhone 13 lineup would entail prior to its launch. However, rumors are not guaranteed, so they don’t always hit the mark.

That said, there were rumored features that didn’t make it to the iPhone 13 models this year. But this doesn’t mean the new iPhone isn’t worth the upgrade. It boasts plenty of great features and is the best phone Apple has ever made. Nevertheless, it’s still interesting to see what features are missing because there’s always hope that Apple will add them soon.

Read on to find out what features are missing that many people expected to be added to the iPhone 13 series.

In-Display Touch ID

Touch ID was rumored to make a return to the iPhone 13, this time inside the display. But we’ll have to wait a bit longer for it, likely because the technology takes time to develop. And, don’t worry, if it is added to a future model, it won’t replace Face ID, which users of newer iPhone models are well-accustomed to now.

Always-On Display

Although the Always-On Display was brought to the Apple Watch a few years back, the iPhone 13 wasn’t lucky enough to get it this time. It did, however, get a larger display and the Pro and Pro Max models got 120 Hz ProMotion Display.

As the name suggests, the feature would allow the screen to always be on by displaying the time and notifications without users waking their screen.

USB-C Port

It came as a surprise to many that the iPhone 13 lineup didn’t feature a USB-C port. Instead, each phone features a Lightning port. So, you’ll have to buy a Lightning-to-USB-C cable if you need to plug your iPhone 13 into a USB-C charger or computer port until this feature is added, which is very likely for the iPhone 14.

Astrophotography Mode

Astrologists would be very pleased with this feature, but unfortunately, it didn’t make the cut. The Google Pixel 4 series was the first to introduce astrophotography mode, and various phone companies have been influenced by it since.

The rumored feature would allow iPhone users to capture high-definition photos of stars in the night sky. Instead of this, the iPhone 13 lineup got other notable camera features, including Cinematic Mode.

Satellite Connectivity

Not long before the iPhone 13 lineup was announced, a rumor broke about the addition of satellite connectivity. It was said that some models would be able to connect to satellites to make emergency calls without a cellular signal. Like every other rumored feature, this one is likely to make an appearance in the future.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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