Here’s a Video of What the iPhone XI Will Look Like

iPhone XI Dummies Marques Brownlee Credit: Marques Brownlee / YouTube
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With Apple’s 2019 iPhones now only about two months away, we’re starting to see leaks of actual dummy models making their way into the hands of various Apple journalists and bloggers, offering an even more comprehensive peek at what the new iPhones are expected to look like.

YouTuber Marques Brownlee got his hands on dummy casts of all three of the expected new iPhones — the standard version, the “Max” version, and the “R” version — and has posted a video providing the most comprehensive look we’ve seen yet at the design of the new devices.

Unsurprisingly, the physical dimensions remain basically the same, which is what every report we’ve heard for the past several months has been saying.

However, the new camera bump design is shown in all of its glory, with the triple-lens system expected for the higher-end models, and a dual-camera setup for the “R” model.

These dummy casts also seem to confirm previous reports that the “R” model will gain the same square camera bump despite only sporting a dual-lens camera. It’s not clear whether this is merely for design consistency or to allow for better placement of the LED flash, which now appears to be positioned to one side of and equidistant to both lenses.

The dummies also don’t show any indication of the frosted glass design that was predicted by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo earlier this year, although that presumably wouldn’t be necessary on mockups used solely for cases. More significantly, however, the rumoured redesigned mute switch isn’t included here either.

Subsequent to Brownlee’s video, 9to5Mac’s Jeff Benjamin also got his hands on some dummy models from an unnamed source in China, and posted his own video walkthrough, adding that the square camera module isn’t as ugly or offensive as he had initially feared, and it stands to reason that users will quickly get used to the design, especially since most people use cases on their iPhones.

While it’s unclear as of yet where the dummy models have come from — they’re almost certainly not Apple sanctioned — the most likely source is case makers who have had mockups made in order to ensure that they have products ready for the new iPhones as soon as they launch. However, it’s impossible to know whether these were created using official dimensions supplied by Apple to its MFi partners, or whether they’ve been built using more speculative information.

Most case makers don’t get a lot of inside information from Apple prior to the release of a new iPhone, and many have also demonstrated that they’d rather risk putting out poor-fitting cases than miss the initial launch window for a new iPhone altogether. That said, while they don’t always get everything right — we still have a collection of early release cases from the summer of 2017 labelled for the “iPhone 7S” and “iPhone 7S Plus” along with “iPhone 8” cases that were actually designed for the iPhone X — they’ve usually been pretty close on the actual dimensions, so we’d say that these dummy models are likely to be at least reasonably accurate.

Other features rumoured for this year’s iPhone are the sort of things that we’re definitely not going to see in the physical design, such as indoor navigation and bidirectional wireless charging, and of course while the presence of a triple-lens camera system is obvious, the camera specs haven’t yet been confirmed and Apple likely has a few surprises up its sleeve in terms of how it will take advantage of the third camera lens.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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