Five iPhone 7 Concepts That Could Predict the Future – Part 1


The iPhone 6s may still be a pretty young device, but that doesn’t mean we’re not looking towards the next iteration of the iPhone, likely to be called the iPhone 7.

There might not be many leaks about the actual iPhone 7 just yet, but what we do have are concept designs from designers and tech geeks all over the world. Here are a few of our favorite concept designs.

iPhone 7 – Top 10 most requested features:

  • Professional photography camera quality
  • Digital crown for easier controlling
  • Enhanced volume controls
  • Wireless charging
  • Impact resistant display screen (unbreakable)
  • Waterproof features
  • Dual-View or secondary display
  • 48 hour battery capacity
  • 4-inch version
  • 3D display without having to wear 3D glasses

1. Yasser Farahi

1The first iPhone 7 concept design on our list is from Netherlands-based graphic designer Yasser Farahi. This particular concept shows a much sleeker iPhone than the current design, and takes thinness to the next level. Not only that, but there is almost no bezel on the left and right side of the display. We’ve reviewed Farahi’s design concept and what that might mean for Touch ID and display. Read what we had to say here, in our previous iPhone 7 article.

“I designed an iPhone that I would love to hold in my own hand,” said Farahi in an interview with Cult of Mac. “It’s a phone which keeps the iPhone 6’s rounded, shiny edges, but without the chunky and all-too-visible antenna lines. I also hate the camera protrusion on the iPhone 6, and as a concept designer — not an engineer — think there must be some way of extruding the lens only when the camera app starts.”

Farahi took things to the next level with this design, even describing the technical specifications of the device. Perhaps most interesting is that Farahi envisions a feature that many have been asking for for years now – wireless charging.

According to Farahi, his design would see the iPhone being 6.1mm thick, and would bring RAM to a pretty hefty 5GB.

2. Marek Weidlich

2Sure, the design by Farahi has only a small bezel, however the design from Marek Weidlich would see the design go away completely. In fact, the entire front of the display would become the screen, and there wouldn’t be a physical home button anymore. We review in previous articles the potential of new screen technology in an iPhone 7; check out what we say here.

Not only that, but the display would even go as far as to curve a little around the edges of the front of the device, which could lead to some very interesting functionality.

While the design is certainly fascinating, there are a few things that Apple would never consider doing, such as having the speaker in the display. This would disrupt the user interface, something that seems very un-Apple.

3. Sahanan Yogarasa

3This design takes a more colorful approach to the iPhone, which is another choice that we don’t see Apple making in the near future. This would, however, allow users to customize their device on a much higher level, with colors like green and red being options. While it’s unlikely that this will ever be a choice for the standard iPhone, we have seen Apple make a colorful release like this with the iPhone 5c, which is widely expected to get a successor in the near future. We talk about how we wish we could see this in the latest iPhone 7 in an article from last month; read more about it here.

Of course, as with other concepts, the design by Yogarasa also sees the next iPhone being super slim, although this time we don’t know exactly how slim.