FAQ | What Do You Know About the Next iPhone SE? Will It Have a Home Button?

iPhone XR or iPhone SE 4 Credit: AB / Unsplash
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Last Tuesday, Apple unveiled the 2022 iPhone SE. People didn’t seem to be particularly happy with it. It has the same design as the five-year-old iPhone 8, the same colors as the last iPhone SE, and just 64GB of starting storage. It includes the A15 chip and 5G. Its price starts at $429.

While I think it is boring, it is the perfect device for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a phone but still want the iPhone experience. I know it is not the greatest one, but it will see many years of support and updates, and there is no other phone at that price point that can compete with the A15. In fact, there is no competing phone at all that can do that.

The day after the event, quite a few people asked me if I knew anything about the next iPhone SE.

Apparently, they didn’t like the current one and preferred to wait until Apple releases the next one.

Well, I have good and bad news for you. I do have information to share with you about the “iPhone SE 4,” but you will have to wait to buy it.

iPhone SE 4

The next iPhone SE will come in the iPhone XR’s body frame; it will have Face ID and ditch the old iPhone-8-style design. However, Apple doesn’t plan on releasing this model until 2024 at the earliest, and I’ll tell you why.

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The Cupertino-based company doesn’t want to manufacture an iPhone SE that looks like its flagship model.

There were plans to release an iPhone SE that looked like the iPhone XR this year, but they were pushed back because that would mean the device would have a notch far too similar to the iPhone 13 lineup.

Apple will only release an SE device with a notch if its flagship iPhones don’t have one, and that won’t happen until 2023 at best.

My sources tell me that’s the year when both the iPhone and the Pro iPhone will have a pill and hole design. No more notch, which means Apple can finally release an iPhone SE with one.

As far as I know, Apple could release this device in March or April of 2024, although the company could push it back. It’s too early to know, but you shouldn’t expect it before that date.

As I told you, this device would come in an iPhone XR housing and could use the latest available Apple chip, which would be the A17 if Apple continues with its naming scheme. I’ll keep you updated if I hear anything else regarding this matter.

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on the new iPhone SE, and what you think of the new one Apple could launch in 2024. As always, have a fantastic day.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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