This Was the Biggest Disappointment from Apple’s Event

New Apple Watch Series 7 44 Credit: Apple
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Today, Apple held its annual fall press event unveiling a handful of new devices, including two iPads, an Apple Watch, and more. There was a lot of exciting news, but also a few misses.

Between all the highs and the lows, there was one big disappointment — the Apple Watch. Read on to find out what we expected and how Apple dropped the ball on its latest wearable.

No Flatter Edges or Display

Rumors suggested the Apple Watch would lose its rounded edges and adopt a squarish design. Much like the transition Apple made from the roundish iPhone 11 to the squared-off edges of the iPhone 12, Apple fans were looking forward to this new look.

A more boxy design would have been something to set the Apple Watch Series 7 apart from previous models, all of which share the same basic look.

Apple did tweak the look of the watch with a thinner display and smaller borders around the display – yes, the smaller borders allow for a 20 percent boost in screen area, which is nice, but it’s not the radical change we were all hoping for.

The display also refracts light differently, creating a “subtle wraparound effect” that makes it look like the display flows right into the casing.

No Rugged Extreme Sports Model

Those Apple Watch-wearing backcountry warriors will have to wait for another year as Apple kept its stylish and docile design for the Apple Watch Series 7. Rumors earlier this year hinted Apple might be working on a beefed-up version of its Apple Watch suitable for outdoor adventures.

The only people happy with this decision are Garmin execs who will continue to dominate the outdoors with rugged Fenix sports watches.

No New Glucose or Advanced Health Sensors

Rumors have been circulating for years about potential medical uses for the Apple Watch. Many recent stories pointed to blood pressure or glucose monitoring as the ground-breaking technology Apple would add to its Apple Watch. It would propel the Watch ahead of its rivals and turn the Watch into a must-have medical device for those with chronic health issues.

Sadly, this technology is not ready for primetime.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is still equipped with the same sensors for measuring metrics like heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. There were no earth-shattering advances in this version of the Apple Watch.

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