Bizarre Report Flip-Flops on Whether Apple’s Building One New iPhone or Four

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While it’s still very early on and plans are always subject to change, mumblings from the rumor mill have up until this point converged around the prospect of Apple readying three new iPhone models for a fall, 2018 debut:

  • A refreshed, 5.8-inch iPhone X successor with OLED display and Face ID
  • A 6.1-inch, edge-to-edge LCD-equipped variant with Face ID
  • And a larger, 6.5-inch OLED model which is currently being called the ‘iPhone X Plus’

Those predictions were spearheaded by the famed and historically spot-on KGI Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, who was also first to predict Apple’s development of a refreshed iPhone SE 2 boasting next-generation internals and wireless charging, which could possibly debut as early as May or June of this year.

Based on his track record, we have plenty of reason to believe that Kuo is accurate (until further notice, of course).. However a ‘bombshell’ new report fresh out of the Far East interestingly appears to breakaway from the current slate of rumors.

Suggesting in a bizarre twist that Apple has been testing at least “four next-generation iPhone projects,” the company may only release one of them in the OLED variety — the larger, 6.5-inch model — according to DigiTimes Research analyst, Luke Lin.

Breaking Down the Report

First and foremost, it’s worth noting that even Lin, himself, admits “Apple has not yet made the final decision.” And so it’s very possible, if not guaranteed, the company will ultimately change their mind — as they have so spontaneously done so in the past.

Also worth pointing out is that Kuo has a much better track record when it comes to accurately predicting Apple’s product plans — especially compared to DigiTimes, whose track record is notoriously hit-or-miss.

Interestingly enough, DigiTimes even goes on to corroborate Kuo’s own predictions, indicating that yes, in fact, “Apple originally intended to push the two OLED iPhones and the 6.0- to 6.1-inch LCD iPhone” model — however [for entirely undisclosed reasons] the company “started leaning toward the combination” of its two OLED models into the one — thus “abandoning” the rumored 6.1-inch LCD model.

Even more interesting, and perhaps lending credence to DigiTimes’ analysis, is that Kuo in his latest research note suggested Apple will be discontinuing its 5.8-inch iPhone X this fall — although it was said that another, 5.8-inch iPhone model will take its place in the company’s line-up, which has traditionally seen at least two new additions each year.

That, of course, is just part of what makes today’s report so sketchy. And while DigiTimes (being a Taiwanese publication featuring accounts from supply-chain level sources) may have access to “higher-level” information about Apple’s products or prototypes, it’s nevertheless unlikely they’d have access to anything substantial this far in advance of the company’s annual iPhone manufacturing season.

And since that doesn’t commence until sometime within the first few weeks of July, we highly recommend taking this (and all other) rumors with a heaping grain of salt. Especially since, you know, there’s “still a chance” Apple “may come up with another combination.”

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