Apple’s iPad Air 4 Is Coming, Will It Be Worth the Wait? Here’s What We Know

New iPad 2020 Concept Images 12 Credit: Svet Apple SK
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The iPad Air received an update at the beginning of last year. It took Apple five years to release a new update since the second-generation iPad Air was released way back in 2014. The good news is that it seems Apple won’t take that much time to update the iPad Air again.

In fact, according to some rumors, the company is already working on the fifth-generation iPad Air. Not only that, but it appears as if the next-generation iPad Air will have everything that makes the iPad Pro great.

The iPad Air Will Look Pro

This wouldn’t be the first time Apple takes the design of the iPad Pro and uses it on the iPad Air. Last year’s model resembled the old 10.5-inch iPad Pro’s design, so it’s not a surprise that Apple would repeat the same process with the next iPad Air. Still, it’s a welcome update for a now outdated-looking device.

This rumor comes from the Chinese website MyDrivers, which reports that an anonymous Apple supplier claims the iPad Air 4 will come with an 11-inch display. According to the supplier, Apple will do this by reducing the size of iPad Air’s bezels, much as they started doing with the 2018 iPad Pro. 

Not only that, but the supplier also confirms that Apple will finally ditch the Lightning Port on the iPad Air and will replace it with a USB-C port like the one on the iPad Pro.

That’s not the only report regarding a new port on the iPad Air 4. Macotakara, a Japanese blog also shared that the next-generation iPad Air will bring a USB-C port, leaving the old Lightning connector behind. Unfortunately, Macotakara also explains that the next-generation iPad mini will continue to have a Lightning port.

As of right now, the iPad Pro is the only iPad that features a USB-C connector, but it seems Apple is slowly making its transition to the more popular port. Unfortunately, those plans don’t include the iPhone.

Will the iPad Air 4 Have Face ID?

As of right now, there aren’t any rumors or leaks point at the 4th-gen iPad Air switching from Touch ID to Face ID. Instead, a leaker that goes by the Twitter username @L0vetodream has stated that the next iPad Air will have Touch ID, but it’ll be under the screen.

This would be a new one for Apple. Ever since the company ditched the Home Button, many people have expected that Apple will implement a fingerprint reader under the screen. However, it seems like that’s not the case.

Even if Apple finally added that feature to their devices, it would be logical that they’d started using this type of Touch ID with a new iPhone, but that doesn’t seem to be the case either.

Apple has started to use Face ID in its highest-end devices, leaving Touch ID for cheaper products, like the regular iPad models or the iPhone SE. However, the iPad Air is in that weird spot where it’s not the most powerful iPad, but it’s not the cheapest tablet either.

Apple has tried to take what’s great about the iPad Pro and use it on the iPad Air while keeping it at a more affordable price. Based on this, Apple might try to reduce the iPad Air’s bezels as much as possible and add a Face ID.

Again, this is pure speculation, as there are no leaks rumors that suggest the possibility of Face ID on the next-generation iPad Air. But, for now, under-the-screen Touch ID seems more unlikely than Face ID.

When Will the New iPad Air Be Released?

When it comes to the iPad, Apple likes to move release dates every now and then.

The first iPad Air came out in November of 2013, followed by the iPad Air 2 in October of 2014.

The third-generation iPad Air, however, came put in March of 2019, so it’s possible that Apple changes the release date again.

A report from China Times suggests that the iPad Air’s production will begin during the third quarter of 2020, which could possibly mean Apple won’t make the official announcement until 2021.

There are other rumors that Apple might announce a new iPad mini in March of next year, so it’s possible that the company releases both devices at the same time.

Regarding its price, we should expect the iPad Air to cost around the same as the current iPad Air 3, which starts at a price of $499.

What could possibly change is a storage upgrade in the base model, since we’ve actually seen Apple doubling the base storage of every product that’s recently come out.

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