Apple Leaker Says These New Mac mini, iMac, and iPad Pro Updates Are Coming ‘Soon’

Apple Rumored to Be Developing 3 New Macs, 1 New iPad for 2018 Credit: Louis Berger
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Twitter user CoinX has an excellent track record when it comes to Apple leaks, accurately predicting the naming convention for the iPhone 11 Pro and the removal of the 2018 iPad Pro’s headphone jack. Now the anonymous tipster is back with a juicy tidbit about Apple’s iMac and Mac mini lineup as well as the upcoming iPad Pro.

Specific details are sparse, but CoinX says Apple will be updating the iMac and Mac mini “soon.” These updates are likely to be small performance improvements that are announced via a press release and not as part of a dedicated press event.

The update for the Mac mini is long overdue. Apple last refreshed the aging Mac mini in 2018, boosting the processing power and adding USB -C connectivity to the compact desktop computer.

For the iMac, changes in the 2020 models may be minor as Apple refreshed the all-in-one last spring. The spring 2019 model featured 6-core and 8-core Intel processors and new graphics card options.

CoinX also speculated that new iPad Pro models are coming soon with updated camera hardware.

Echoing a report by Apple analysts Ming-Chi Kuo, the new iPad Pro may feature a three-sensor camera like the one in the iPhone 11 Pro.

One of those sensors is expected to be a time-of-flight 3D sensor that could be used in augmented reality applications or portrait mode photography. These new iPad Pros could land as soon as this month.

Given the global spread of coronavirus, Apple may opt to announce new products via a series of press releases and not as part of a spring keynote event. Google already has canceled its spring 2020 developer event, while Facebook has postponed its F8 conference.

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