Apple Files New Patent That Could End the Threat of Exploding Batteries

Apple Files New Patent That Could End the Threat of Exploding Batteries Credit: iFixit
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Do you wish your iPhone had more battery power and lasted longer? Most users do. Depending on your iPhone activity and usage, iPhone users typically charge their devices at least once a day. But, while in the pursuit of better battery life, users also want a phone that has a more reliable, and overall safer, battery.

In light of recent incidents involving Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries exploding (due in part to overheating and expansion), smartphone users are definitely putting safety as one of their top priorities. Which is why Apple is responding by filing a patent for a sounder, safer battery.

Just last week, the company was granted a patent for a new battery design described as a “battery can.” Essentially, Apple is creating a container in which to protect the battery. The pack can come in many different shapes and sizes in order to adapt to all types of Apple devices, and can also possess a hexagonal or dimple-like pattern in order to increase the canister’s strength, longevity, flexibility, and more.

Their design works in conjunction with “any type of lithium ion cell”, which means that no special battery needs to be created to fit the canister.

Apple’s unique design and technology makes it so that the battery can expand within the can due to the container’s flexibility, yet maintain structure and functionality. And furthermore, the batteries will also have a longer use time and longer lifespan. This is because Apple plans on reducing the gap between the battery and the can, which “may increase the performance, durability, and useful life of the battery, as well as protect the device in which the battery can is mounted.”

Hopefully Apple’s patent will come to fruition soon due to the wake of accidents following Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones as well as some iPhones that have randomly overheated, combusted, or even exploded. This new-age patent will help to not only increase the life of our smartphone batteries, but also keep us safe while doing so.

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Featured Photo: iFixit
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