Apple Could Be Bringing Long-Distance Wireless Charging to iPhone and iPad as Soon as 2017

Apple Could Be Bringing Long-Distance Wireless Charging to iPhone and iPad as Soon as 2017
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According to a report published in Bloomberg, Apple is currently working with its Asian suppliers to develop a “long-distance” wireless charging protocol — a significantly more advanced platform than what’s currently available, exclusively for the purpose of juicing up the company’s iPhones and iPads.

Even despite having to overcome a number of technological hurdles to make it happen, the report alleges that Apple is still optimistically shooting for a 2017 timeframe within which to release its new wireless charging solution.


Depiction of Wireless Charging Technology Currently Available

The report claims that Apple is specifically concerned with the energy lost as the result of distance — a major physical limitation to overcome for any wireless charging apparatus.

Surprisingly enough, even despite the fact that other electronics manufacturers have been marketing wireless charging solutions for quite some time now, Apple only recently took an interest in the concept of inductive technology with the Apple Watch.

For those who don’t already know, the Magnetic Charging Cable included with every Watch features an alignment of magnets that interface with complementary magnets built into Apple Watch, which is to ensure the precise alignment of the devices’ inductive power elements. This is to maximize energy transfer efficiency, above all else. However the system is still considered “low-power,” meaning that the Apple Watch takes longer to charge than other Apple products.


Although the technological concept behind Apple’s new wireless charging protocol is still unknown, a number of the company’s recent patents paint a picture about its ongoing research efforts in several disciplines. For instance, and perhaps most relevant to today’s report, a 2012 Apple patent offers up a “realistic and practical approach” to creating a wireless power field effective at distances up to one meter.

Interesting stuff …

Although rumors of an Apple-branded wireless charging solution have been circulating for years now, evidence of an impending release of a dedicated product utilizing the technology has yet to materialize. With the competition already on fire, though, delivering their own solutions to market, it’s only reasonable to assume that the Cupertino-company is ramping up research on architecture capable of meeting high-energy deployments like iPhone and iPad. And, if Apple is notorious for anything, chances are it’ll best the rest when it ultimately sees the light of day.

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