AirTags Rumors: Here’s Everything We Know About Apple’s Item Trackers

AirTags Rumors and News Credit: Martin Hajek
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We already have a bunch of information regarding Apple’s soon-to-be-released AirTags. Ever since last year, we’ve known Apple is working a first-party tracking accessory similar to Tile. And yet, Apple hasn’t confirmed anything about them. Well, almost anything.

There was a time when Apple confirmed AirTags’ existence by leaking the product’s name in an official video, which it then took down.

Even if there’s no official statement about Apple’s tracking devices, we pretty much have all the information we need about Apple’s AirTags, thanks to multiple leaks.

Continue reading to learn everything we know about Apple AirTags.

What Are Apple’s AirTags?

Apple’s AirTags are small tracking devices that you can adhere to other devices to track their locations and avoid losing them.

While there are already similar products, like Tile, this will be the first one developed by Apple. Because of this, it’s expected that they will ensure a more reliable connection between AirTags and other Apple devices.

We don’t know exactly how AirTags will look, but some images suggest AirTags will have a round, white body with an Apple logo on the front.

AirTags should be extremely small so they can attach to all devices without causing much trouble, and they should also have some sort of reusable adhesive. However, we don’t know what Apple will use.

How Will AirTags Work?

Just like any other Apple accessory, AirTags set up will be quick and straightforward. Once they’re paired up, you’ll be able to see where your AirTags are located on a special tab in the Find My app.

AirTags will work by using both Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideband technology. If you’re not familiar with it, Ultra-Wideband or UWB is a type of technology that allows for better, more precise location tracking.

Apple could use this technology thanks to the U1 chip that’s found in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. Thanks to the U1, newer generation iPhones will track AirTags with incredible accuracy.

Besides looking at the current location of your items, you’ll also be able to see the last location of a lost item, and you’ll get directions to said destination.

If your device is too far and can’t be located, AirTags will also have Lost Mode. When you turn on Lost Mode, other iPhones that are near your AirTag will notify you of its location.

Before you get too far from your AirTag, though, you’ll receive a notification letting you know you probably left your item behind.

It won’t happen every time, as it seems like you’ll be able to create Safe places, like your home or office, so it doesn’t notify you of every item you leave behind.

Finally, Apple will use Augmented Reality (AR) with its new AirTags. According to some coding, you’ll be able to move your iPhone around until you see balloons on your screen that will show you where your AirTag is located.

This rumor fits with the possibility of the iPhone 12 coming with a LiDAR scanner just like the 2020 iPad Pro did.

Useful AirTag Features

We don’t know everything you’ll be able to do with AirTags, but we do know a couple of useful features it’ll bring.

First, according to the rumors, AirTags will be waterproof. While this is great, it does make you wonder how they’ll stick to your devices underwater.

If it uses any type of adhesive, AirTags would fall off easily when getting wet. It’s just a guess, but AirTags will feature magnets, much like many other Apple’s cases and accessories.

Another useful feature is that AirTags will be able to produce sounds similar to the way AirPods do when trying to locate them.

What About AirTag Battery Life?

We don’t know how long AirTags’ battery will last, and there’s a bit of confusion as to how they’ll charge.

At first, rumors were saying AirTags would use regular replaceable batteries you’d have to change instead of recharge. However, more recent rumors indicate AirTags will come with rechargeable batteries and you’ll be able to charge them like you’d charge your Apple Watch.

Both of these options have their benefits, but rechargeable AirTags seem more plausible, especially with Apple’s AirPower possibly making a comeback.

AirTags Price and Release Date

We don’t really know anything for sure regarding AirTags’ price and release date. However, Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst and trustful source of information, gave us a bunch of information regarding Apple’s AirTags and other products as well.

According to the analyst, AirTags should be released at the beginning of this year. Sadly, we still don’t have any confirmation or official announcement from Apple.

It’s possible that Apple had to push the AirTag’s release back due to the current pandemic. There have been rumors that Apple will have to do the same thing with the 6.7-inch iPhone 12. So, for now, we’ll still have to wait for more rumors or an official release date.

Regarding its price, there are no rumors saying how much AirTags will cost. However, taking a look at one of Apple’s biggest competition, Tile, which sells its Pro trackers for around $35, we could assume Apple’s AirTags will go for a price range between $20 and $40.

We’ll also have to wait to see whether Apple will sell AirTags in bulk or not.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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