AirPods Pro 2 | New Details Revealed

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A lot has been said about the AirPods Pro 2. There have been many reports from various people and news outlets that we consider reputable – but some of these leakers contradict themselves. So let’s first recap what I know about these earphones, and I’ll also give you an exclusive on the subject.

There are two AirPods Pro models in the works. Though that does not mean we will see two versions of these earphones – Apple usually does this with all of its products in development.

They are working on parallel devices with different internal and external features so that if one version fails, there is a backup (see Apple Watch Series 7).

Another reason for this practice is that if everything goes well with both devices, they can later choose between one or the other to introduce to the public.

Then, there’s a third, hidden reason that Apple doesn’t discuss. It’s somewhat beside the point, but having two different devices under the same commercial name makes leaks look kind of ridiculous. How?

If a particular analyst says the next iPhone SE will have the same design as the current one, but then another leaker says it will be completely redesigned, some people might think that’s strange and probably fake. However, that does not necessarily mean that either of them is wrong. It just means that they have sources working on different models of the same upcoming device.

AirPods Pro 2 Features and Design

Both devices that Apple’s working on seem to have the same internals in terms of sound quality and ANC, and are better than the current AirPods Pro, especially the Active Noise Cancellation. But one of them is missing stems, so there will have to be an internal redesign to accommodate the batteries.

The other model has stems, but they are slightly smaller than the ones found on the current AirPods Pro. Personally, I think Apple will end up selling the model with the short stems and not the model without them, as there are some difficulties with that model.

I won’t go into a ton of details, but to summarize: the main problem is housing a decent battery in an AirPod, for which there is not much room, as the AirPods contain a bunch of sensors that obviously take up valuable space.

On another note, I have seen some strange-looking renders that MacRumors obtained of what looks like speakers built into a case, and they claim that this is the AirPods Pro 2. However, the case in the image looks exceptionally fake. I don’t mean to sound rude, as I consider their website to be a reputable media outlet, but that’s not what the AirPods Pro 2 case will look like, as far as I’m concerned.

U1 and Find My

The new AirPods will have Find My improvements, including UWB chips inside the case and possibly (though I doubt it) in each individual AirPod. I don’t know if Apple will be able to do that, but I know they are certainly working on a smaller U1 chip that will be built into the earbuds.

It’s true that Apple plans to make the AirPods sound louder when needed, even if they are not connected via Bluetooth, thanks to the U1 chip. Why?

People will be able to make the AirPods Pro chime like an AirTag while using Find My – that’s possible because of the U1 chip Apple plans to put inside. Otherwise, they would need to be connected to an iPhone via Bluetooth, which isn’t always the case after losing them.

Apple is expected to announce the upcoming AirPods Pro 2 in the second half of the next year. Let me know if you’ll buy them in the comments. Thank you for reading!

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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