You Can Now Secure Your Home with Just an Apple Watch

You Can Now Secure Your Home with Just an Apple Watch

Smartphone technology is finally coming to your home! Adjusting the temperature, dimming lights, security cameras, and more can now be controlled by our iPhones thanks to Apple’s HomeKit. But did you know that we can now use our iPhones and Apple watch to both unlock and monitor our locks?

We were correct in our predictions of a HomeKit smart lock when Apple hinted with a patent back in June, and it has finally come to fruition with the August Smart Lock. Previously only available with an iPhone, the smart lock app has made the transition to Apple’s most popular wearable device.


The Apple Watch just got a new functionality: a digital key. Apple’s wearable device is finally compatible with the August Smart Lock App. Although it is just an adaptation of the iPhone app, it makes the user experience much easier: no more digging through your pockets or purse for your phone; instead, just wave your watch in front of the lock. They are even working on a function for the August Smart Lock where it will detect when you are approaching, and then use an Auto-Unlock feature.

The August Smart Lock is an upgraded replacement for your standard bolt lock on your home, providing ” intelligent, secure access to your home.” Sleek in design with advanced technology, the Smart Lock provides protection in a number of ways. With Smart Lock, you can determine who has access to your home (through temporary or permanent keys), with the added bonus of being able to view logs and see who has entered your home. Furthermore, the device comes with EverLock functionality, which automatically locks the door behind you. Never worry about whether or not you locked your door.apple_watch_smart_lock_2

Other perks of owning an  include easy installation, no wiring, encrypted technology, low battery alert, and Bluetooth connectivity. There’s even a virtual guestbook in the app! Plus, the device is battery powered (four AA batteries), meaning that it will still function during a power outage.

This addition to a more tech-forward home piggybacks on Apple’s HomeKit products and technology. As defined by Apple, HomeKit is “a framework for communicating with and controlling connected accessories in a user’s home.” Apple’s current line-up of HomeKit capable products includes manufacturers like Ecobee, Elgato, iHome, Insteon, and Lutron, with more coming soon.apple_watch_smart_lock_featured_image

For those of you interested in bringing August’s technology to your home, you can get the Smart Lock here for approximately $250. Then download either the iPhone app here to utilize the device’s impressive technology.



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