World’s Smallest Breathalyzer for Your iPhone Could Help Save Lives

World's Smallest Breathalyzer for Your iPhone Could Help Save Lives

Drunk driving results in an estimated 10,000 fatalities a year in the United States alone. Washington D.C.-based tech company Edge Tech Labs have created a small, convenient, and potentially life-saving device for your iPhone. The “DrinkMate” could possibly have the ability to dramatically drop those numbers, because “DrinkMate always has your BAC!”


The DrinkMate is, according to its creators, the world’s smallest breathalyzer. Weighing less than a quarter of an ounce, the device is incredibly portable – small enough to fit on a keychain. The device also requires no batteries – just plug the DrinkMate into the Lightning port of your iPhone, blow, and it will give you your blood-alcohol level (BAC) in a matter of seconds. Edge Tech Labs claims the DrinkMate is quite accurate, as well. The accuracy of the device is rated at +/- 0.01% at a BAC of 0.02%, and is tested and calibrated using kits from BAC industry leaders Lifeloc technologies.

The DrinkMate works with a free companion app for the iPhone, which gives users step-by-step instructions on how to use the device properly. The app also gives the user tips on how to get the most accurate reading, such as ensuring the user waits long enough after their last drink to get a proper test result.080215-DRINKMATE-2

Besides its portability, another incredible feature of the DrinkMate is that the device does not require a “straw” or mouthpiece. Users blow into an air inlet from a distance. Not only do the users not have to worry about lugging around a mouthpiece that could easily get lost, but users can share the device with friends without worrying about any hygiene issues. Have you ever had a friend insist that they’re “good to drive” when you suspect they’ve had too much to drink? Now you can prove to them that getting behind the wheel is a bad idea by having them blow into the DrinkMate.

The DrinkMate was originally released for certain Android devices. Due to the success of the device and app, the company has recently completed an iOS version, compatible with iPhone 5 and 6 models. To pre-order a DrinkMate for your iPhone, head on over to their website here. The device should ship some time around the end of this summer.

Do you think devices like this could save lives? What other benefits would a device like this create for its users? Let us know in the comments below!

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