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The new models in the iPhone lineup carry several improvements such as better cameras, faster processors, NFC support, and most obviously, larger displays.  A press release by Apple states “pre-orders for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus top four million in first 24 hours.” It was clear that the public was excited for the new iPhone when the immense amounts of pre-orders were deemed record breaking and outnumbered supply. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were officially released on September 19, 2014.

While demand was high for the new iPhone models, many consumers were hesitant about the size of the iPhone 6 Plus. “How could it be practical to carry around such a large device at all times?”

Be assured using an iPhone 6 Plus is practical and positively rewarding.

Everything on the 6 Plus is bigger. Text is easy to read and images are large. The 5.5” 1920-by-1080-pixel resolution display is vibrant, touting saturated colors and fine details. Social media has never been the same as viral videos can be shown to everyone in the room and no one needs to squint to see what’s happening.

Even the battery on the 6 Plus is larger. The traditional iPhone 6 houses a 1,810 mAh battery; in contrast the iPhone 6 plus packs a 2,915 mAh battery. Apple claims that the iPhone 6 Plus will produce 10 more hours of talk time, 1 more hour of Wi-Fi internet use, 3 more hours of HD video playback, 30 more hours of audio playback, or a whopping 6 more days of standby time.

The device is large, but small enough for a man’s pocket. Women might find it difficult to squeeze the 6 Plus into their pockets; however, this problem can easily be solved by putting the phone away in a bag.

Typing is a breeze on the 6 Plus. The larger keys and screen space make an ideal layout for typing text messages or writing emails. The increased size of the keyboard makes typing more efficient: It reduces the amount of mistakes one might make with a smaller keyboard when typing with two hands. This leads to the only issue you might find with the iPhone 6 Plus, typing with one hand.

It is nearly impossible to type on the 6 Plus with one hand; yet, the solution is as simple as using Siri. If you only have one free hand, simply press the microphone icon at the bottom left corner of the keyboard. Here you can easily say what you need to type. Siri is absolutely phenomenal at deciphering what you mean to transcribe. While this solution is not ideal for all situations (i.e. subway train or texting in class) it works for most.

If using the built in speech to text function doesn’t sound like the best resolution for you, many downloadable keyboard apps have size options that will shrink the keyboard and place it on the right or the left side of the screen. HandyKeys makes it possible to type on the 6 Plus with one hand and can be found on the App Store for only 99 cents.

Also, if you are using one hand it can be difficult to reach icons at the top of the screen. Apple has resolved this issue by developing a feature named “Reachability.” This allows the user to double tap (not hard press) the Touch ID sensor. This action will bring the screen down half-way; this in effect makes top row icons accessible.

After using the iPhone 6 Plus for nearly a month it seems impossible to go back to a smaller phone. The size of the phone can make certain things, such as typing with one hand, more difficult; however, most issues due to the size of the phone can be resolved with included features or downloaded applications. Difficulty typing with one hand is overshadowed by the vast amount of benefits the user receives from the 6 Plus.

The iPhone 6 Plus is a great option for people who use their phone continuously for social media, sending emails, and photo or video editing. With its large vibrant screen and entire-day battery life, the iPhone 6 Plus is a game changer in the wireless industry.


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