Kill Odors and Beat Allergies with the 6 Best Smart Air Purifiers for Your Home

Best Smart Air Purifiers Credit: Mariia Boiko / Shutterstock
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Like many homeowners, you have a growing number of reasons to consider an air purifier for your house (or your office space, etc.). These devices excel at sucking impurities, allergens, smells, and microorganisms out of the air, then trapping them so that you can avoid associated health problems.

An air purifier is an excellent solution for those with bad allergies, lung problems, and pets. Even better yet, the “smart” versions are particularly easy to use and often work with Amazon Alexa. Continue reading to browse our top smart purifier recommendations.

Dyson Pure Hot/Cold 3-in-1

Dyson Air Filter

For many buyers, a dedicated air purifier doesn’t make a lot of sense when they have limited space and a limited budget. This Dyson model, however, may be a perfect fit. It’s a fan with cold air, a heater with warm air, and an air purifier all at the same time.

“What if I don’t want to use a fan?” you may ask. That’s why this Dyson model has a “backward” mode that still purifies the air without blowing any in your face. It uses a sealed HEPA filter, and can automatically sense air pollution (shown on the LCD screen) and turn on the purifier when needed. You can even load up the Dyson Link app and get remote reports, control the device from a distance, or create automatic schedules. It’s also fit for larger rooms if you have a combined living/dining room or similar arrangement. Get it here.

RabbitAir MinusA2


This RabbitAir modern purifier is one of the most complete purification systems we’ve seen. It uses six total stages, including HEPA filtration, deodorizing, negative ionization, and a pre-filter for trapping stuff like hair or large particles. Plus, there are customizable options allowing you to pick the kind of filter that matters most to you – including germ defense, pet allergy, extra odor removing, and toxin absorbing. All this, and it’s smart enough to switch to sleep mode when you turn the lights off. Plus, it’s rated for more than 800 square feet (especially large for a purifier of this class) and can be wall-mounted if necessary. However, all these features do make this model expensive for a home air purifier. Get it here.

Blueair Classic 605


If you’re looking for a more professional purifier for an office, lobby, or an open-air foyer, this Blueair model has you covered with a wheelable design for repositioning and the ability to cover 775 square feet. It uses “HEPASilent” technology, which focuses on electrostatic and mechanical filtration in combination to stay quiet while still removing 99.7% of airborne pollutants. You can also control it via app or by Alexa voice command if you have an Echo device handy. We also like that this model only has two primary filters to worry about, and they are designed to last a full six months without needing to be replaced. Get it here.

Levoit H13 Purifier


This Levoit true HEPA purifier boasts the ability to clear a 900 square foot room in just an hour. It also comes with a pre-filter and carbon filter to deal with odors and large particles. But what we really like is the smart mode, which automatically adjusts the fan between three different speeds depending on what it’s sensing about air quality. It’s also Energy Star rated to save on electricity! Get it here.

Coway Airmega 200M


This little Airmega purifier has a compact design but a powerful four-stage system with True HEPA, ionization, deodorizing, and pre-filtration. The fan has three speeds and an auto mode that adjusts based on air quality readings – and that quality sensor also uses LED lights to show at a glance how dirty it thinks your air currently is. It’s compact enough to fit under a desk but can handle rooms up to 361 square feet. Get it here.

Guardian Technologies Germ Guardian

Germ Guardian

This Guardian Technologies four-stage filter uses True HEPA, UVC light to kill microorganisms, charcoal filtration for odors, and a prefilter to help prep the air. It’s also brilliant: You can use both Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands to turn it on or off, and there’s an app for remote monitoring and control, along with alerts about operating if you prefer. There are five speed settings and an auto mode that adjusts the speed as needed, too. It has a little of everything, which makes it great for tackling pretty much any air problem. The downside is that it’s rated for fairly small spaces, with a suggestion of up to 153 square feet. Get it here.

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