Griffin Introduces Several New Charging Accessories for iOS Devices

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Accessory manufacturer Griffin recently unveiled several new products at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 in Las Vegas, four of which are charging accessories optimized for use with Apple’s latest iOS devices.

Griffin unveiled the PowerDock Pro, Powerblock 3, PowerBlock Wall Dock, and the PowerJolt Premium on Monday. The 12-Watt PowerDock Pro, is a charging station with five bays, each with the capability to store and charge a separate device. The PowerDock Pro features “ChargeSensor” circuitry, which can match the correct charging rate for each device.

The PowerBlock 3, also featuring ChargeSensor technology, is a wall charger with three USB ports, allowing you to charge three separate devices at once.

Another wall charger, the PowerBlock Wall Dock features a Lightning cable that can be threaded through the top of the charger, allowing users to prop the phone atop the charger, leaving the screen readily readable and accessible while charging.

Lastly, the PowerJolt Premium is a beautiful new car charger designed for iOS devices featuring a four foot braided nylon cable, 12-Volt charging, and a Lightning cable.

All four of these devices are expected to hit the market in the summer or fall of 2015. Hopefully these charging accessories will be the first of many unveiled at the CES this week.

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