Get the Most out of Your New iPad Pro with These Cool Accessories

Get the Most out of Your New iPad Pro with These Cool Accessories
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With the hotly anticipated iPad Pro now officially among us, it’s never been a better time to take a look at some of the cool new accessories for the behemoth device.

Perhaps you’re willing to take the dive and just purchase the official Apple SmartKeyboard and Pencil? Or maybe you’re looking for different accessories, altogether, featuring utilities that aren’t offered by going the traditional Apple route. In either case, we’ve decided to compile a short list of accessories, both large and small, exclusively for the iPad Pro.

Cases, Covers & Sleeves

Smart Cover & Silicon Case: $59 and $79, respectively.iDrop_iPadPeoAccessories_02_JPEG

Apple’s iPad Pro Smart Cover and Silicone case are sure to provide a simplistic yet precise fit. Made primarily from durable TPU polyurethane, Apple’s Smart Cover is available alongside the device’s launch this week, in either white or charcoal gray. Smart Cover provides you with complete screen protection, while the silicone case will ensure full front and rear coverage.

Gumdrop Hideaway Case: $89

iDrop_iPadProAccessories_03_JPEGGumdrop’s Hideaway case, like the company’s other iPhone and iPad cases, features a built in stand with multiple viewing angle positions, rubber reinforcements all around the perimeter corners, and, for the iPad Pro, specifically, an onboard Apple Pencil pocket. It’s available for pre-order now in multiple color combinations, and is expected to start shipping towards the end of November.

Luvvit Clear Grip: $15

iDrop_iPadProAccessories_04_JPEGLuvvit’s Clear Grip is a soft, transparent rubber cover for the back of your iPad featuring a raised bezel on the front corners. A cheaper option available to order now, with shipments expected to begin on November 20th, Luvvit’s Clear Grip provides protection for the back of your iPad Pro and around the front corners.

Catalyst Waterproof Case: Price TBD

iDrop_iPadProAccessories_05_JPEGFeaturing IP68 certified water protection up to two meters, the Catalyst waterproof Case for iPad Pro offers well-rounded water protection, while still providing access to features such as Touch ID, Apple Pencil, and speakers.


If you’re unable to justify dropping $169 on Apple’s SmartKeyboard, perhaps one of these other stylish alternatives will pique your interest.

Logitech Create with Backlit Keyboard/Case: $149

iDrop_iPadProAccessories_06_JPEGOne of the only Keyboard/Case combos to feature Apple’s new Smart Connector for fast and easy input, Logitech’s Create Keyboard/Case ups the ante by adding backlit keys. It’s available now from both Apple and Logitech.

Zagg Slimbook: $139

iDrop_iPadProAccessories_07_JPEGStarting in December, Zagg will begin shipping its Slimbook Keyboard cover, which features a two-piece, detachable front and back protection, two year battery life between charges, and is available in a number of color options.

Zagg Messenger Universal: $70

iDrop_iPadProAccessories_08_JPEGAlso coming soon from Zagg is their lesser-expensive alternative to the Slimbook, known as the Messenger Universal.


Again, if you just can’t see yourself spending $100 on the Apple branded Pencil, then fret you not — there are several other, substantially cheaper alternatives that might whet your interest.

Pencil by FiftyThree: $49-59

iDrop_iPadProAccessories_09_JPEGThe Pencil by FiftyThree features a stylish design and was released alongside the popular drawing and writing application by FiftyThree. It’s also half the price of Apple’s Pencil, for whatever it’s worth.

Adonit Styluses: $15 and up

iDrop_iPadProAccessories_10_JPEGAdonit Styluses are a popular option, as well, with prices starting as low as $15, ranging up into the mid $60s and $70s for their top of the line model.

Iconic Pro Screen Protector: $5-$9

iDrop_iPadProAccessories_12_JPEGAvailable as a single piece or pack of three, Iconic Pro’s Screen protector is a 0.3 mm piece of tempered glass that provides protection against the usual scratches that may come.

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