8 Smart Home Gadgets You’ll Definitely Want to Check Out in 2022

These awesome gadgets are cool and unique ways to make your home smarter.
Smart Home Gadgets 2022 Credit: Various Brands / Amazon
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Nowadays, there are countless smart devices you can use in your home! If you wanted to, you could pretty much control every basic thing you do in your home with just your smartphone or voice, which is pretty crazy to think about.

You can make basically anything smart, from your door to your kitchen and even your curtains – and the best part is you don’t need any extra experience or knowledge to start making your home smarter. All you need to do is get the right devices!

Whether you’ve started your smart home life or not, these awesome gadgets are a cool and unique way to make your home smarter in ways you haven’t even thought about.

PETLIBRO Automatic Pet Feeder

Are you a cat person? If so, this automatic cat feeder is going to change your life (and your cat’s life too). And don’t worry, this works great with dogs as well.

This device will automatically dispense food to your kittens without you having to worry about it. It can hold up to five pounds of dry food, which can be up to 50 portions for your cats.

You can set the time to dispense whenever you want, and the feeder will do the rest – and you don’t need to worry about your cat stealing all the food on time. The food is sealed shut in its storage, and it has a secure twist-lock lid that your cat won’t be able to open.

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TOWNEW T1 Smart Trash Can

Now even your trash cans can be smart. Sure, you might be wondering why you would need a smart trash can – well, the T1 self-sealing trash can is meant to make your life easier for the people who don’t like changing the bag or just don’t have the time.

This trash can is self-sealing, and self-changing, which means all you’ll need to do is press and button, and the trash can will do the rest. It also comes with a motion sensor so you can throw your trash without even touching the can, making it easier to stay clean even when dealing with trash.

Sure, you might think this isn’t for everyone, but this smart trash can is the device you never knew you needed for your smart home.

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Ring Video Smart Doorbell

A smart doorbell might be considered a must-have for some people because it’s the perfect way to know who really is on the other side of the door before you open it. And there’s no better smart doorbell than Ring’s video doorbell.

You can install this doorbell in a flash and keep control of who’s in front of your home. You can see and hear who’s at the front door with the help of your smartphone. You can then use the Ring app to talk to the person and see their face.

Not only that, but if you already have an Amazon smart speaker, you can control the doorbell with your voice without using your phone at all. Not only that, but you can also use the Ring app to customize your doorbell’s chimes and even up the security by getting a notification every time your doorbell detects movement.

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August Smart Lock

A smart doorbell might not be enough to make you feel like your front door is safe, and that’s why you could also use a smart lock. The August smart lock works with Wi-Fi, and you can control it with your smartphone with the help of the app. You can lock your door even if you aren’t home to make sure your family and your stuff is safe.

You can even let people come inside your home while you’re away if you want! On top of that, this smart lock is perfect if you’re always forgetting your keys. The lock can detect when you’re arriving or leaving your home, and it’ll automatically lock or unlock the door for you.

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Moen Smart Kitchen Faucet

How cool is it that you can even turn your faucet into a smart home device? Thanks to this smart kitchen faucet from Moen lets you control your faucet without even touching it and provides more power to clean those spots a normal faucet would cover.

This faucet comes with two sensors so you can activate it without having to touch it, which is perfect when you have your hands full and don’t want to make a mess. On top of that, it also has a reflex system that lets you move it anywhere you want with the spray head.

If you feel like your dishes are still filthy, you can use the faucet’s power clean mode, that’ll let you clean with up to 50% more power!

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Withings Sleep Tracker

Instead of waking up later, maybe you want to improve the quality of your sleep; the Withings sleep tracker is what you need. All you need to do is put this seamless device under your sheet at night, and this sleep tracker will do the rest. It’ll automatically start to track your sleeping throughout the night and send the results to the app on your phone.

You can track your sleep time, cycles, heart rate while resting, and so much more. All that just by using this small device under your sheets.

It’ll also give you a sleeping diary you can share with your doctor or health provider, so you can get better suggestions on how to improve your sleep.

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Google Nest Smart Thermostat

Google always comes up with cool and innovative ideas, and this Google Nest thermostat is no exception. This thermostat is perfect for saving energy, money, and even the planet, just by setting it up the right way.

The thermostat can turn itself down as soon as you leave your home, so you don’t waste energy when you’re not around. Another cool feature it has is called Savings Finder. This feature will automatically look for ways you can save money and energy by suggesting you do small tweaks like changing your schedule.

Additionally, you can control it with your smartphone if you want. You can make sure to make the house cooler or warmer minutes before you arrive or turn the thermostat off while you’re gone for yourself. And of course, you can also control it by adjusting the device if you or your family wants to do it that way.

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HiMirror Smart Mirror

This little tech gadget isn’t for everyone, but if you need a mirror, it’ll be a cool integration to your smart home. This smart mirror has a touch screen display you can use to improve your daily routine or use as a regular mirror. You can watch makeup tutorial videos or even listen to music, so you can lighten up your mood while you get ready for work.

On top of the display at the front, this mirror comes with a wireless charging pad at the bottom to charge your phone while you’re getting ready!

As we said, this might not be for everyone since not everyone’s looking for a smart mirror. Still, it’s a great addition to your home, and it’ll make you feel like you’re in a sci-fi movie every morning.

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