5 Outlandish and Unconventional Accessories for your iPhone 6

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Whenever a new iPhone model comes out, the first thing every company ever tries to do is come up with the best accessories as soon as possible. Once the specs are released, it is a fight among brands to see who can put out the first and most likeable accessories for the newest iPhone. And while certain things like cases and screen protectors are commonplace, there are many iPhone accessories that are slightly unconventional (and a bit ridiculous, too). Check out some of the following accessories that you can get for your iPhone 6:


Why use any old case when you can have one that keeps up with your drinking, smoking, and camera habits? From ZVE comes the Multi-functional Case: it includes a bottle opener, flameless cigarette lighter (can light up to 250 cigarettes on one charge), and tripod-ready functionality. Talk about an all-inclusive case! To boot, it is also shatter resistant and protects against all bumps, scratches, and drops that you subject your iPhone 6 to.


When you decide to pack it in for the night, where do you put your phone? On the nightstand? Plugged into the wall? Next to your car keys? Well you may not have considered this, but your iPhone 6 might like a bit of a rest, too. From the Etsy store of Janko Laurenci comes quirky, artsy, and downright absurd iPhone bed docking station. The stone work comes in various patterns, but is always adorned with a headboard that bears a crown logo. Give your iPhone a good night’s rest with this uncouth accessory. Get it on Etsy.


Source: Luckies of London

Although the iPhone 6 (and iPhone 6 Plus, especially) has a big touchscreen, sometimes you just need more space to really display a video. Furthermore, it can be difficult to have everyone try and crowd around your iPhone to view a video. Luckies Gift Shop has changed this by introducing a cheap and unusual device: the cardboard Smartphone Projector. You can view your video in up to 8x magnification by simply sliding your device into the cardboard set-up.


If you ever needed an amazing portable speaker with a unique personality, then this would be the speaker for you. Forget the clunky home stereo products with iPhone adapters and auxiliary cords. Instead, give a bamboo speaker iPhone 6 dock a try. Made by BambooStyle on Etsy, the SpeakaBoo is a hand-crafted acoustic speaker that doubles as a docking station. Both eco-friendly and stylish! Get it on Etsy.

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If you are the type of person who enjoys keeping your iPhone 6 “naked” (aka case free) then your device is more likely to be subjected to the elements, dust included. ZOEAST has found a creative and fun way in order to keep dust out of your charging port. The dust port comes with tiny pairs of feet, allowing the accessory to double as a cutesy stand for you iPhone 6.

Check back for more quirky, fun, and eccentric iPhone accessories!

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