5 Ingenious and Eco-Friendly Solar Powered iPhone Accessories

5 Ingenious and Eco-Friendly Solar Powered iPhone Accessories

For a multitude of reasons, solar power is pretty cool. Solar power is gaining popularity, because it’s an extremely simple way to harness free energy, all while being eco-friendly.

Solar power is not a new technology, but has advanced incredibly within the past few years. Homes are becoming solarized and we have even seen cars run on natural energy from the sun. More feasibly, we can use solar power to harness electricity to charge our iPhones.

We reported on the new patent that could mean the iPhone 7 will be able to run on solar power. The patent states that solar cells could be housed invisibly underneath the device’s touchscreen, a feat no device can currently do. The iPhone 6 currently makes no use of solar power, so we must rely on accessories to help us take advantage of the power of the sun.

We have handpicked 5 incredible, and highly rated, solar powered products. Each product has its own unique qualities, ranging in function and price. These products will get you on the right track to living green, staying charged, and enjoying the sun even before the iPhone 7 is released.

Solar Power iPhone 6 Battery Case

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.31.38 AM
This ingenious product puts a solar panel in the most convenient place imaginable, right on the front of an iPhone 6 case. With a case like this you’d never need to worry about a charger again, as the solar panel is always with you. The seller also claims that this is the slimmest solar battery case available for iPhone, making it an even more tempting case to purchase. The device’s most exciting feature could also cause a problem. Because the solar panel is attached to the case, it could be difficult to charge the phone and use it at the same time. The iPhone 6 solar power battery case is a great product for people who like to keep their devices portable: the all-in-one types. However, if you’d like to keep your charger and your iPhone separate, check out the shock and dust resistant solar panel charger below.

Shock/Dust Resistant Solar Panel Charger Power Bank – 1.2W71zioC1FoxL._SL1500_This charging bank features a medium sized solar panel and a huge 5000mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery. There are even two outputs to charge two devices at once, making this a perfect solution for couples that like to play outdoors. The device is shockproof, dustproof, and rain-resistant making it the go-to-accessory for campers, hikers, and boaters. The device can be charged from an outlet as well as by solar power. The sellers admit that the solar panel itself is not very large, making it slightly difficult to fully charge an iPhone with the solar power alone. If you think you might need a little more juice for your outdoor adventures, check out the Solar Charger Backpack below.

Solar Charger Backpack – 7WiPhone solar power backpack chargerOutdoorsmen often carry backpacks to hold their many survival goods. One of those goods is an iPhone that needs power, making a backpack a great place to house a solar panel. Other smaller solar products do the trick of keeping your iPhone half-way charged for emergency situations, but this panel might be big enough to keep your iPhone fully charged at all times. This solar panel is almost 6 times larger than the previous power bank we featured, and with the extra functionally of a backpack, this solar charger is a winning combo.

SunJack Solar Charger with 8000mAh Battery – 14Wsunjack solar power iPhone chargerIf 7W of power still wasn’t enough, you can double that output with this SunJack foldable solar charger. This giant solar charger can be folded or stood up to achieve the ultimate position to soak up maximum sunlight. Sprawling the charger out over a bag rack could create ample power while bike riding during the day. The SunJack is also the perfect size to spread across the dashboard of your car, making use of the sun that would beat down tirelessly on the vehicle anyway. The seller claims that this large solar charger produces wall-outlet charging speeds, charging an iPhone in just 90 minutes. This powerful solar charger is a winner for those of us who aren’t so patient.

Tauren Solar Power Wireless Outdoor Speaker81WPRfKG3HL._SL1500_The Tauren wireless outdoor speaker isn’t going to charge your iPhone, but it will charge up your outdoor activities with your favorite music. This Bluetooth speaker features a solar panel on the backside that will receive sunlight at all times, keeping the speaker infinitely charged. There is a hook to clip to a backpack, and even a built in memory card slot for iPhone-less music playback. It even features a microphone and answer/end buttons for taking phone calls. The ability to take calls is an important function for wireless speakers, making phone calls easy to accomplish when your hands are busy. Reviewers say it connects easily and the sound quality is great for such a small device.

Solar power is an old technology that is improving every year. One thing that hasn’t changed is the ratio of panel size to power output. Of course the bigger the panel, the more light it can take in, and the more power it can produce. Bigger solar panels also equate to higher price tags. Finding the perfect balance between your power needs, space available, and your budget is an important consideration when choosing a solar charger.

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