10 Charging Accessories You Need But Didn’t Know Existed

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One of the most important things about your iPhone is its battery life. After all, if your iPhone dies in the middle of your day and you have no way to charge it, you’re basically carrying around a brick in your pocket.

And even though the iPhone doesn’t have the longest battery life compared to other smartphones in its price range, Apple has made a lot of improvements its software and hardware to make the battery last as long as possible.

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Of course, that doesn’t mean that you’ll never need to worry about running out of juice. Thankfully, there are many easy ways to charge your iPhone; all you need is the right equipment for the job.

There are a lot of cool, creative chargers out there you can use to get some power on the go. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking, driving, or just working at your desk — there’s a charging accessory for you.

Don’t believe us? Then check out these ten charging accessories you need to get for your iPhone.

3-in-1 Apple Device Cable ($25)

product 337249 product shots1

With one cord, now you can charge two Lightning devices and your Apple Watch all at the same time.

Designed with a perfect length for your car, air travels, or bed side table; this cable will save you the number of socket bricks around your house. Travel easy and light while getting all the bells and whistles.

Certified by CE/RoHS, this 3-in-1 charger has over-current, over-heat, and short-circuit protection, giving your devices convenient and safe charging.

Based on your liking, the cable comes as USB-C or USB.

5-in-1 Charging Station That’s Also a Night Light ($55)

5 in 1 charging station with lamp

Simplify your daily charging experience and replace most of the chargers and cables on your desktop.

This 5-in-1 Wireless & Wired Charging Station is a compact and powerful charging station to charge all your favorite gadgets at the same time, elegantly, and can also double as a bedside lamp with 3 brightness levels.

Having 3 Wireless Charging spots, one USB-A port, it enables charging for up to 4 devices simultaneously, including iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods Pro, AirPods with Wireless Charging Case, other Qi-compatible Android Phones and Bluetooth earbuds. The Apple Watch Stand is for charging any Apple Watch from Series 1 to Ultra. Save your workspace and charge all your favorite techs in one elegant solution.

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack ($94)

For starters, we have Apple’s very own MagSafe battery pack. This lets you make the most out of your iPhone’s MagSafe connector to add a little bit of extra battery while you’re on the go.

What makes this accessory a perfect addition to your iPhone is that it’s made by Apple itself, so you know you know it will “just work” as soon as you put it on the back of your iPhone. It also doubles as a full-speed 15W MagSafe charger when you plug it in with a USB-C to Lightning cable and an appropriate charging brick.

This battery pack features a 1,460 mAh cell, which may not sound like much, but as we noted in our review, it makes up for that by putting out twice as much voltage, making it equivalent to a 2,920mAh battery.

Granted, that still isn’t the highest capacity option on the market, but it’s also integrated with features in iOS for maximum power efficiency. Plus, it will make your iPhone look sleek, and you won’t have to worry about carrying something so bulky in addition to your iPhone.

You probably won’t get a full, 0-to-100 charge with this battery pack, especially with an iPhone Pro Max, but it should add enough to get you through a busy day, and it works best when you slap it on at the start of the day, like an extra fuel tank, especially since it only outputs 5W of power when it’s not plugged in.

MagStack Foldable 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station ($45)

charging pad

MagStack is the perfect on-the-go wireless charging station that also transforms into a floating stand for smartphone FaceTime or video playback while charging.

This 3-in-1 foldable pad featuring 3 wireless charging spots, enables charging for up to 3 devices simultaneously, including iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods Pro, AirPods with Wireless Charging Case, other Qi-compatible Android phones, and Bluetooth earbuds.

With its versatile foldable design, MagStack also folds into a space-saving single-device charger for your phone or earbuds. Neatly folded into a slim wallet-sized stack making it ultra-portable and functional for your next trip! Cable included.

Anker 521 Car Charger ($20)

Anker Car Charger

If you’re someone who spends most of your time in the car, then a wall charger might not be the best option. For these cases, you’re better off with the Anker 521 car charger.

Don’t be fooled by this accessory’s small size; the 521 is powerful enough to fast charge your iPhone on the go. What’s more, it also comes with two different ports, which means you can actually charge two devices at the same time.

Additionally, as you can expect from Anker products, it comes with Anker’s multiproduct safety system, which gives your devices total protection while fast charging them.

Anker 633 Magnetic Battery ($80)

Anker 633 battery pacl

One of the biggest issues people have with Apple;s MagSafe battery pack is that it’s simply too small. If you’re someone who needs the kind of power that will last you through a heavy day of use and beyond, then you’ll need to get a more powerful battery pack.

Enter the Anker 633. This device is powerful enough to charge your iPhone at least a couple of times before you need to recharge it.

Just like Apple’s offering, the Anker 633 also uses the MagSafe connection to charge your iPhone. That means you can snap it on the back and not have to worry about power anymore.

What’s more, this battery pack also comes with a foldable stand on its back. That means you can use it to hold your iPhone on your desk or when you want to watch a movie. Just be aware that while it attaches magnetically, it’s not MagSafe-certified, so you’ll only get the same 7.5W charging speeds as any other Qi wireless charger.

Under Desk Wireless Charger for iPhone ($45)

Under the desk wireless charger

Wireless charging has opened up a lot of cool and interesting new ways to charge your iPhone. For example, just take a look at this wireless charger, which gives you a clean and clutter-free charging experience with no visible wires anywhere.

All you need to do is attach this charger to the bottom of any table and you can then simply place your iPhone on the surface of the table and it immediately starts charging. The table can be made of just about any non-metallic material, including wood, plastic, glass, quartz, marble, or even granite, as long as it’s not too thick.

For some, this will feel like magic. For you, it will be the perfect way to keep your iPhone charged at the office or in your bedroom without having a ton of messy cables nearby.

Anker PowerPort III for Faster Charging ($26)

Anker 2 port Fast Charger

Sometimes, the only accessory you need is a good charger, and since Apple no longer includes a wall charger with new iPhones, you’re left trying to find the right one for your iPhone.

If you want a charger that can take care of more than one device at a time, then the Anker PowerPort III is the perfect option. What makes this charger stand out is that you can charge two devices at the same time.

Not only that, but the charger provides 20W charging on both of its ports, so your iPhone and the other device will go from 0% to 50% in 25 minutes. That’s really amazing coming from such a small and portable charger.

Apple MagSafe Charger ($33)

Another one of Apple’s options is its MagSafe charger. This little puck is probably everything you need to keep your iPhone and other Apple products like AirPods fully charged.

With 15W of power, this small charger will charge your iPhone at the best wireless speeds possible. Granted, it’s not as fast or powerful as the wired chargers out there, but you know it’s a product that will instantly work with your iPhone as it’s part of the Apple ecosystem.

Besides charging your iPhone, this MagSafe charger can also take care of any of the recent AirPods models that support wireless charging, plus any other devices that support standard Qi wireless charging. For instance, you can use it to charge an iPhone 8, even if this iPhone doesn’t support MagSafe charging.

Car Vent Magnetic Wireless Charger ($35)

car vent charger

If you’re looking for an easier way to charge your iPhone in your car while also keeping your iPhone accessible to check directions, then this car vent charger is perfect for you.

While it’s not MagSafe-certified, this charger still magnetically holds your iPhone in your car and will keep it powered up using standard 7.5W Qi wireless charging. Granted, it’s not as fast as plugging your iPhone in, but it’s still a light and comfortable way to do it.

It has a small adjustment that you can rotate however you want. This makes this charger perfect if you need some juice while looking for directions.

Change the Way You Charge Your iPhone

As you can see, there are many ways for you to keep your iPhone charged no matter where you go. Whether you’re someone who’s always on the go or just someone looking to add a new charger to your home office setup, the options on this list are cool and creative enough to power your iPhone safely.

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