Why Doesn’t Tim Cook Wear Vision Pro in Public? To Avoid Becoming a Meme!

Tim Cook Apple CEO Credit: Photovanessacarvalho / Shutterstock
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The internet is a wild and unforgiving place. As soon as people on the internet find something worth having a laugh about, they’ll start making memes for as long as possible.

That’s just the digital society we live in, and of course, big companies know this. That’s why they might want to make things as serious as possible, so they can avoid people laughing and focusing on them instead of their product. 

That very well might be the case with Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook. Even though Apple recently revealed one of its newest and biggest products to date, Cook decided to avoid using it during the WWDC conference. Why is that? Maybe he wants to avoid becoming a meme in the tech world. 

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The Apple Vision Pro

Even though there were many rumors about it, Apple still took the world by storm when it unveiled the Apple Vision Pro, its new virtual and augmented reality headset, during the 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

What was probably the biggest news was how pricey the device is going to be, starting at $3,500. Still, we actually got to see a bit about how the headset is going to work, and it looks pretty cool. In Apple’s video presentation, we also saw a bunch of people wearing it to showcase some of its possible uses in your day-to-day life. 

However, there was one person who could’ve used it but obviously decided not to: Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. 

Tim Cook

This is one of Apple’s biggest announcements to date, and it’s the first time we’ve seen an entirely new tech product from the company in a long time (unless you count the AirTag), so it would make sense that the company’s CEO would show the world what the headset looks like in real life. 

So why didn’t Cook wear the Vision Pro when he had the chance? Well, the answer might be that…

He Doesn’t Want to Become a Meme

The internet is filled with people who will take something that’s serious and turn it into a meme. We’ve seen it time and time again. People created memes when TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew testified before Congress and when Mark Zuckerberg had a phone call with astronauts in the space station.

Even one of Apple’s top engineering executives became a meme just a few years ago. 

We’re, of course, talking about Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, who quickly became memefied after Apple’s conference in November 2020.

You probably remember the internet was quick to turn his demonstration with the Apple silicon MacBook into a meme. Granted, that scene was meant to be funny, but the company probably didn’t expect all the memes that came afterward.

Fortunately, it seems Federighi loved the attention because he made a pretty fun scene during the 2022 WWDC, which also became a meme pretty quickly.

With that said, it seems like Tim Cook doesn’t have that same spirit, which is why he decided not to show the world what he would look like with an Apple Vision Pro on his head.

There’s no doubt that wearing a virtual reality headset might look silly, especially for some of us who haven’t really seen anyone use it in real life. We’ve seen how the internet has tirelessly made fun of Zuckerberg when using his own company’s headset, so it’s only normal that other big CEOs don’t want to share the spotlight like that.

Will We Ever See Cook With the Vision Pro?

Only time will tell if we’ll eventually see Tim Cook with one of Apple’s most-awaited new devices on his head. We’ve also yet to see if it actually becomes a meme in the future. 

One thing’s sure, even if he doesn’t, the internet will always find a way to make fun of big tech companies and the people working behind them.

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