Apple Watch Series 7 First Impressions | Is It More Than Just a Pretty Face?

Apple Watch Series 7 Credit: LeaksApplePro / iDrop News
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For the record, I previously owned a Series 5. But now, I’ve been using the new Apple Watch Series 7 for 24+ hours, and I’d like to give you some initial impressions before writing a full review.

When I decided to buy it, I was a bit disappointed by the colors of the Aluminum model. But, I suppose this is just Apple’s way of getting some people to buy the Stainless Steel version, which is probably far more profitable.

I opted for a Blue Aluminum case with a 45mm screen and the Abyss Blue Sport Band. Unboxing was, well, as usual. You know about it.

The new display actually looks and feels bigger. Apple claims it’s up to 70% brighter when Always-On is enabled. Well, I didn’t notice it.

The new Contour face looks great with this rounder display. All the apps open very quickly, just like the Series 6 – well, because they have the same chip. Everything works flawlessly, but I have noticed two main issues with the Apple Watch.

First, it takes a very long time to configure it, connect it to your iPhone, and then update the watchOS version. It’s extremely slow. Apple needs to fix that, and the hardware in the Watch needs to make those connections much faster than it currently does.

Second, yeah, it’s a little boring. If you’re coming from a Series 3 or earlier, you’ll love the Series 7. Don’t get me wrong, I like it; it’s worth the money even if you are coming from a Series 5 – but that’s mostly because I’m an Apple nerd.

In my opinion, most people should wait until the Series 8 comes out because it will most likely be redesigned.

That’s all for now. First impressions are good – but I’ll keep you updated with a full review in about two weeks. Let me know in the comments if you bought an Apple Watch Series 7 (or not) and why.

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